Winter Coat 1: Camo Chic

If you're ever in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte on business or pleasure (golf, spa amazing spa, anyone?), or perhaps you reside in the area, be sure to pick up the current issue of Ballantyne Magazine and learn a little more about this bustling area of the QC. What was once developed as a geographic area on the south side of town has since grown into a community, if not a self sustaining city within a city.  There was a time when this very topic was one of the year's biggest, most controversial ones for our progressively, perhaps more accurately stated aggressively, growing city.  Etc etc etc etc.... back to the fashion...I had a blast putting together a fun outfit editorial built around the four most fab winter coats I could lay my hands on in our great city.  All very different, I hope you will enjoy, starting with this Camo Chic look inspired by my all time fav for street style, the incomparable Kate Moss.  


I'm thinking hard about these Free People Moto Boots, and these look a lot like Kate's!

Want to make your downtown utility look a little more uptown?  I love the lines on this utility inspired jacket.

Could Chloe BE any better??  I love the grommets on the Kurtis bag we used for this project.

Shop the entire look below to recreate this look for yourself!  Can't see the below images?  Click HERE.