Winter Coat: New Nautical

The fourth and final Winter Coat look for Ballantyne Magazine features this adorable naval meets varsity style coat by Coach.  

If you've kept up with me on Instagram and in various publications this past fall you might have heard me say more than once how much I am loving the direction Coach has been heading with their new head designer, Stuart Vevers.  Instead of the drug store or deli or Coach store on every other corner in NYC as in the early 2000's, Coach's current design mentality seems to have returned to that of its time of inception.  There's a focus on less is more, quality vs. quantity, and amazing Ready-To-Wear designs.

Paired with a bag in a poppy shade of red, caramel colored boots, great shades and a cashmere pom beanie cap, and you've got one darling sailor ready to command!  Shop the entire look below or click HERE if you cannot see the below images.