Makeup + Merlot

I love fashion.   I love me some clothes and putting together one of a kind looks.  I feel like I have a fairly good hold on this.  There is one thing with personal appearance and putting your best foot forward that I know I struggle with, however.  About Face.  While I gravitate toward a more natural, bare faced look, I wish I knew how to "do" makeup.  If I did, I could probably cover up the brown spots from sun damage.  I often think it would fun to be able to have an up-fitted look on my face that is befitting of my dress for a special night out on the town.

A makeup work shop.  With wine.  Now that's something I could use.  Bring in Cali Stott Hair & Makeup Artistry.  I've worked on several magazine projects with Cali...

Who wouldn't want to look like those girls?  But she did allow me to feel pretty darn close when I had updated marketing photos taken with the talent-that-cannot-be-touched Richard Israel

Now I just need to know how to do this on my own.  Le Sigh.  I am thankful to be able to call upon such a talented, wickedly witty friend as Cali when in need... which is every day... so at least she is there to rescue me on those special occasions.  Want to sharpen your makeup application skills?  Get more info HERE.  This makes for THE most fun get together with girlfriends.  Think about it for your next birthday party, shower gift or just a well earned treat to give to yourself and share with friends.