The Great Costume Designer Of All Time Is Coming To Charlotte

Last month, thanks to some special friends, I had the exciting opportunity to meet costume designer great William Ivey Long over drinks and dancing at The Mint Museum.  Mr. Long could not have been more delightful, charming and even a bit delightfully theatrical, might I add.  I would be remiss if I didn't say it is really neat to learn that he and my outstanding actress Aunt, Aunt Polly, are great childhood friends!  Mr. Long loved the Nilah leather vest with feathers that I wore loaned to me by local designer Indigo Tilt.  It is always wonderful to have the opportunity to support other women and local businesses!  Can I get an Amen?!  And these vests are original.  Capital One Of A Kind! 

The Tony Award-winning costume designer will return next month for a special morning talk hosted by the Mint Museum Auxiliary.  If you ever ever experienced The Lost Colony you've had an up close look at some of William Ivey Long's most masterful work. Of course his list of television, movie, opera and theatrical contributions are several miles long; Big Fish, Catch Me If You Can, Cabaret, Hair Spray and Chicago, to name a few!

The Fall Enrichment program is always a treat and SUCH a lovely morning.  You may purchase tickets HERE.  If you have not attended (or have), you must not miss this one!  One more thing I'd be remiss to not mention... Want to get a dose of fabulous fashion?  This is it party people.  A room full of I-can't-pick-who-gets-the-Best-Dressed-Award.  Amazing knock your socks off style at this event.  If you'd like to go and fear the fashion excitement may all be a little overwhelming you can totally stand in a corner with me and just try to take it all in.  Come join the fun!