A Few Random Stylish And Otherwise Delightful Things

Just a few thoughts here and there.  There is a lot more I want to say but my list is not getting any shorter, so I will stick to keeping this on the topic of style and a few brief otherwise wonderful things.  By way of i suwanee I discovered The Ocean View Club located in Harbour Island of The Bahamas. The property and the rooms are the most stylish slice of Heavenly interiors!

For Halloween this year, the Precious Peanuts dressed up as A Wailing Something Or Another and a (vintage, borrowed from a friend) Orangutan!  As I was helping them get ready I thought I really need to be participating in the fun... but WHAT will I be five minutes before dashing out the door?  I don't know how it came to me.. I think it was my colored tights that started the fast moving train to my 8 year old Idol/Girl Crush... non other than Punky Brewster!  So here's the boys, and my 40 year old stylist, wanna be her version...

While on the topic of my boys, I experienced a couple of sweet moments this week that I think are too sweet not to share.  When Precious Peanut #2 and I were are saying his prayers, I always ask for whom he wants to pray. On this particular night Peanut #2 prayed for "Grandpa who fell off the boat.  Please God take care of Grandpa and I hope he didn't get hurt when he fell off the boat into the water.  Please God, I pray for Papa.  Help him not hurt and take away his shaking."  My father suffers from Parkinson's Disease and the boys know how hard it is and it hurts them that their loved ones feel hurt.  Some nights we will also read chapters from The Jesus Storybook Bible. The Night before, we read The Sun Stops Shining. He then prayed to God, for God. "God, I am so sorry those soldiers nailed your son, Jesus, to the cross and hurt him."  I think I almost lost my breath.

Sunday after church, Precious Peanut #1 (now 9 years old) and I ran into my childhood babysitter's best friend.  She had her tween and teenage children with her.  As he does, Hank reached out his hand, "Hank Hamlin, nice to meet you," to introduce himself to each of them.  Today I had coffee with my friend and she told me that after meeting her 13 year old son he told her "Mom, that kid is going to be the President of the United States one day!"  Of course I was tickled.  When Hank was about two years old my Dad told me about a friend of his with four year old son who introduced himself to my Dad in this way and how impressed my Dad was.  From that very moment, we adopted "Hank Hamlin/Worth Hamlin, nice to meet you!"  Hearing Worth say it in his delightfully rushed version with an 'in progress' "R" for Worth, you would be VERY tickled! An oldie but goodie...


Needless to say, both moments made my heart go pitter patter.  I hope these little moments brought you some joy too!  I'm grateful for both of my parents bestowing upon me the importance of great manners.  Now back to the fashion and style!  Tomorrow I am SO excited for the opportunity to interview vintage lover and historian, fashion director (and so much more), Cameron Silver.  Come on over to Capitol to see some very amazing vintage threads and hear a talk from Cameron.  I can hardly wait!

Another thing this week you really shouldn't miss is the inventory sale over at Deep Branch and Dressing Room Interiors. Ariene at Dressing Room Interiors Studio recently came to my home to help style it to the max for a feature in the current issue of QC Exclusive Magazine. You can see the story here.  Girl has got it going on!