Gift Guide: Coffee Table Books For The Style Obsessed + My Collection

If there is one interiors accessory I love, it is a coffee table book.  I love them so much I have them placed on the coffee table and everywhere beyond the coffee table.  Most of my books are related to fashion or home interiors, but I also have a few others style-related dispersed about my home.

I am a visual person, and I love looking at the photos for inspiration.  I think coffee table books make great gifts to your loved ones, especially if you are able to have the author sign the inside with a personalized message to the receiver.  You can give your loved one a book about something they really enjoy.  It will be a story-telling addtion to their home, as well as something they will have and always think of you. Someone gave me this AMAZING Fashion Designers book for my 40th, but there was no card.  I still don't know who gave it to me!  If you read this and it is you, please come forth!

I have a few on my bar, as well as some on the tv console (thanks to the very talented Ariene!) to transform it from a Salvation Army score (thanks Mom!) to a stylish vignette.  I have a stack on my foyer console as well!

One of my favorites, The Coveteur, has been my inspiration for more than one photo shoot, including the one for QC Exclusive

Here are a few I'd like to have as well as some from my own collection. Click HERE if you are unable to see the below images.