Designer Crush: Ashley Delapp Interior Design

Happy almost weekend friends!  Ashley is a brand spanking new friend (and neighbor!) of mine who I'm so excited to feature on today's Designer Crush.  Here's how we met... I noticed two boys about the ages of the Precious Peanuts hop out of a car and enter into the newly sold town home across from ours. We have tons of kids in our neighborhood, but Hank and Worth are the only in our court... (except for the fact now that Wendy and Kris next door are expecting a baby in just a few weeks!)  Backing up to the boys, I noticed they were both wearing Selwyn shirts... the same school as ours!  With great delight for two boys right next door, the three of us went over and welcomed our new neighbors. Their mom, Ashley, apologized for not inviting us in just yet as they were in the midst of gutting their home.  Design obsessed, I was very intrigued.  As it turns out, Ashley was an interior designer.  Take a look...

I told ya she was good.  (Are she and Jonathan Adler secret twins?)  Back to our first meeting, and oh goodness, she is probably going to think I am crazy stalker neighbor.. I wanted in her house right that second.  Our town homes were built in the early 1970's, with great angles, nooks and rooms, all varying in some slight way. I had been in her home when the last owners lived there. It was dated but with mirrored walls throughout the main level and intimate spaces, full of potential.  I couldn't wait to see what a designer would do.  Fast forward a few weeks while I was bopping around on Instagram one night.  I see my new neighbor Ashley on my great artist friend Windy O'Connor's page

So fun.  I hop on over to Ashley's page, and what a delight it was... bright color, bold design and punchy details, so much pleasure for the visual senses.  Ashley's design work is a fun delight, just like her.  As it turns out, it was time for another One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home.  If you're not familiar with this blog based collaboration, it's a time when design bloggers, interior designers and design enthusiasts come together and participate in a 6 week web based design challenge.  Ashley put in a bid for her master bedroom and Voila!  The results are magnifique!  You can check out the entire reveal here, including the super bright kelly green before!  It's going to be all I can do to not over serve Ashley my favorite prosecco to lure her into my home and accidentally start getting her opinion.  Let's be honest, I already have, sans the bubbly of course. ;)

You can check out the entire reveal here, including the super bright kelly green before!