Whole Bunch Of Meaningful You Know What

This past weekend American (and Tar Heel!) Shalane Flanagan won the New York Marathon.  I think I've watched her cross the finish line 50 times now.  It's been 40 years since an American female won this race.  Shalane is an amazing female runner who has worked so hard.  She has suffered injuries, as many consistently training distance runners do, but she didn't give up.  You might recall seeing her story on 60 minutes when she was the US female hopeful for the Boston Marathon a few years ago.  Her finish, as I believe all Americans hoped, wasn't the outcome she wanted but she kept going training.  And at 36 years of age, she did it.  Look at her per mile times in the below picture.  These athletes are so amazing!!! 

If you haven't seen the finish, watch here.  Her emotional finish is gripping.  I am expecting to see her on the front of an upcoming Carolina Alumni Review!  This past weekend while shopping for clients I couldn't help but throw in this faux fur stunner at Charlotte's.  Like I said on my Instagram, someone needs to buy this and really max out their street style game!

Next on deck... a major dose of spiritual uplifting and healing from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith sitting with Oprah on her Super Soul Sunday.  Thank you Lord for Oprah.  There are so many quotables in this 30 minute podcast, but the one I landed on when I hit the play button... "Potential is always bigger than the problem you are going through".  I mean jump on that there for a minute.  Listen to the entire thing here.  I promise you will listen maybe as many times as you watched Shalane cross the finish line.  So much goodness here.  

While we are on the topic of Instagram and clothes, do you have the LiketoKnow.it App on your phone?  This is the one that will allow you to get outfit details straight to your inbox for any of your favorite fashion bloggers, stylists, taste makers, etc (including me!)  If you don't have it, be sure to download it and follow along the Queen City Style!  My fav Madewell jeans, for example, have been a bit hit.  I highly recommend these updated button flysJ.Crew makes a great pair too.