Time To Think Winter + Holiday + William Ivey Long

The weather here lately has been typical of the South.  We are well into November and still experiencing many warm days.  Today however, as the leaves feel from the sky like fresh snowflakes, I opened the door to a cool crisp morning.  It is almost time to retrieve my furs from storage at DHM Furs.  If you've always wanted a fur for yourself and for one reason or another haven't pulled the trigger, the vintage to vogue fur sale is a great time to shop.  Consignment is a great way to purchase something just as stylish as brand new but at a fraction of the cost.  I find standards for consignment to be high most everywhere I go hunting, so you really can find something great without breaking the bank.

With winter comes the holidays!  It is so hard to believe, but holiday season is in full swing.  The mall and other retailers are lathered in Christmas decor and sparkle.  J.Crew just published their gift guide.  Check it out HERE.  Lots of goodies for everyone. 

And while I was in J.Crew this week shopping for a client I couldn't help but reach for this adorable hot pink ruffle hem skirt now 33% off.  It also comes in a great bright bronzed topaz color.

Yesterday for conversations with the oh so talented and delightful William Ivey Long, I wore vintage House of Landor styled modern with J.Crew calf hair pumps and now vintage J.Crew trousers (I purchased while living in NYC in 2000!)  What fun it was learning from where he gets his inspiration and how all of his costume ideas come to life!  You must visit the exhibit!  Deets HERE.