What She Wore: To The Fair

My girl Linsey was looking adorable as always on a recent trip to the Fair.  Over the course of her last trip home to North Carolina from Nashville, we got to do a little shopping. I love this girl for a lot of reasons, but I think the thing I love about her most is that she is ALL Linsey.  100% true to herself; no impostor stuff going on here.  I know Linsey from her work on set as a model.  Every once in a while when she comes home to visit family, she heads down the mountain, and I get to see her.  It is always fun to take friends out for a shopping spin in the QC, and I loved helping Linsey pick out some things to fit her personal style.  So why don't ya just go ahead?  Part your hair down the middle, throw in some braids, put on your overalls and a smile, grab your funnel cake, hot dog, ice cream cone (or whatever the h&ll that thing is... a brisket on a stick??) head to the fair, and get your cute self on.

Shop Linsey's look below, or click HERE if you are unable to see the below images.