Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $50

If you're still working on your Christmas shopping, I've got a few more Gift Guides for you.  Today's Gift Guide is full of great Stocking Stuffers under $50!

Ever been known to lose your keys?  Or perhaps your kids, like me?  Just kidding.  Either way, this is your answer!


This is the best gift in the world for any girl who doesn't like to pay for manicures.  Or any girl in the world for that matter.  I mean, why did it take someone so long to think of this?  I wonder if it was a man, like the person who invented the tampon, you know?


Precious Peanut #2 would like the real version of this in his stocking all day long. 

Shop all of Lauren's top picks for Stocking Stuffers Under $50 below and HERE.

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