House of Landor + March 30th Trunk Show

Happy Thursday(/Friday, depending when you read this) Y'all!  I just had to share this little video my friend Mary Beth sent over to me.  

You know how much I love good vintage, and as a result you likely know my equal fondness for my vintage dress dealer, House of Landor, Mary Beth's business.  I had some updated photos taken yesterday by Richard Israel, with Cali Stott on Hair and Makeup, and of course there was plenty of House of Landor in the fashion mix.

Lots of you came to the trunk show/all day long party my great friend Pam and I hosted back around Christmas. Laryn Adams brought her amaze-balls jewelry stash, and Hallie Eban sold out all of her designs with her new line, Piet Jac Designs.  For me, this entire day was a way to share my passion for great friendship and style with others.  Back by popular demand, we'll be hosting a spring show (On my 40th Gasp! Bring It!), and we'll also be adding gorgeous Arzberger Stationers to the mix.  I just picked up my new note cards for letter writing, and I couldn't be happier.  So class. 

So, go ahead and put it on your calendars!  Bring a girlfriend or several!  Get ready to drink champagne and fall in love with the day.  It will be one filled with friendship and amazing style from each and every corner.