Three Floor + Self Portrait

The weather in Charlotte has been so amazing all weekend I have spring fever big time.  I have not seen the little nubby pointed daffodil green leaves sprouting from the ground yet, but I've heard there have been sightings.  On Saturday, I clocked some great mileage with my group early in the morning at the Anne Springs Close Greenway.  If you live in the Charlotte area and have not yet been, you really must go.  Miles and miles of trails, horses, activities for the family and more all year round. To me, it is the prettiest place to run in the area, and it is an easy peasy drive from center city.  I hit the pavement again on Sunday for another round of double digits just because I couldn't say no. Shorts and no sleeves.  

Weather this good and running in it makes me crave summer time and want to wear hot little dresses.  Three Floor and Self Portrait are two of my favorite brands for that.  If you live in the QC Poole Shop and Coplon's both started carrying the Self Portrait line a little over a year ago. This means the line is no longer a secret, but it's important to have a mindset of abundance isn't it?   I want hot summer sun and these dresses.  Click HERE if you cannot see the below images in your reader.