Happy Valentine's Day To You (Or Me)

I remember pairing hot pink socks with a red sweatsuit, and someone told me I didn't match.  I thought I was cool.  I think this silk wrap dress further proves my theory.

A favorite Neiman Marcus colleague sent me some of these for Christmas.  Champagne Gummy Bears?  Hhhmmmm.  Yes, please.

I'm not a sexy enough sleeper for one of these, but I must have the dark. 

It's crazy time spring like in the QC, and I would love to wear the season's quintessential box planter flower on my lobes.  The color is so fierce.

Always in love with my girl Stephanie Vovas' photography.  The last gift I gave to myself, about a year ago, was this limited edition print.  I would love a house full of her sexy work.

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