Jewelry Crush: Lele Sadoughi + Melinda Maria

It's been a while since I've fallen in love with a jewelry designer's entire collection or majority thereof.  A few factors usually come into play when this happens.

  1. I'm drawn in by a single showstopper piece.
  2. This single piece draws me in more to look up the designer and take a look at the entire collection.
  3. The price allows me to move from #1 to #2.

Prior to Lele Sadoughi, it happened with Melinda Maria when I laid eyes on this now discontinued Grecian Ring in Charleston and purchased it on the spot.  

Sadly, I misplaced the ring a couple of years ago and have been pining the loss ever since.  I tried to replace it with a couple of other show-stoppers.  I got close with one, but it is still not my first love.  I wore then ring with every outfit.  Isn't it a beaut?

My back ups were the black version of this one and another similar to this which I wear all the time and do love. In the meantime, I have fallen completely in love with designer Lele Sadoughi.  

I first discovered the designs when they were featured at Brandshop a few months ago in Charlotte.  Since then I have accessorized several clients with the creative, artful designs, and I have drooled over each and every piece for myself.  

I want these amazing (light weight!) earrings in both the blue and brown color options, as well as the coordinating ring

This square abalone ring somewhat reminds me of my Melinda Maria design favorites.

Who doesn't love a golden pagoda?!

And talk about the perfect summer statement necklace!

Shop my favorites below, or click HERE if you are unable to see the below images.