Foyer Restyle With Dressing Room Interiors + Permission And Perspective

Often times in my work I meet new clients who already have a clear sense of their own personal style.  Or perhaps they think something but simply struggle in closing their deal.  They WANT to wear this skirt with this top, but they just are not completely confident it would look right.  So here lies within the reason for my almost forty year old selfies Outfit Of The Day posts.  I feel quite silly at times, but then someone from the street or grocery aisle stops to say I inspired them to go for it... Be confident in themselves, put it together, and do it!  And my Wimmicks dots of insecurity gently fall to the ground or turn to stars.  

Sometimes all we need is permission.  And sometimes we need perspective that is not our own.  Isn't this the only way we learn more and grow and get better?  I am constantly looking to others' talent and inspiration when it comes to interior design, and whenever I get stuck, I want to know how someone else would do it.  I was forever calling my talented friend Katherine to come over and style my bookshelves and table tops before she moved to sunny Charleston. 

I went straight to BlackHawk Hardware for a can of paint after falling in love with Charlotte Lucas' choice of Lichen Green for the mill work in client's library.

My always #1 choice for vignette styling and accessories is Jamie Meares and Furbish Studio (see below Elephant figurine in images). I also nabbed a paper mache crane for my loo.

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with all the girls and their fab finds over at Deep Branch/K. Interiors and Dressing Room Interiors.  I mean I basically mashed together this image I saw on the K. Interiors inspiration board with THIS room at their studio to arrive at my own family room (Stay Tuned).  

I am a bargain gal, but who doesn't love high impact at an accessible cost?  Upon a recent Dressing Room Interiors Instagram stalk, I saw THIS sideboard and made a mad dash straight for their front door.  

I got the piece home and made a good start at it in my foyer but fell into one of those design ruts. That is when I reached out to Ariene for some help getting me back on my feet.  Ariene knows I love color, and she's got a killer eye not only for great pieces but for styling them.  Here is the piece in my foyer now...

And here is how Ariene helped me (over text!) get it to a place that I love...

And this is foyer now.  I walk in the door to this pretty space at the end of every day, and I walk down the steps every morning to see it!  Thanks to Ariene's beezneez eye, I am so happy with it!  

I'll be back soon with a resource guide of you like this look.  In the meantime, here's a look at some of the details up close, complete with a photo from a best friends wedding 10 years ago.  These girls have been my closest for over 30 years.  I was postpartum four weeks... the picture says it all!  Now, I recommend you run, not walk, and check out the Deep Branch and Dressing Room Interiors studio on 8th Street in Elizabeth.  It is filled with some of the most amazing consigned, refurbished and vintage pieces imaginable!