Designer Crush: Caroline Constas

What could be more fun to wear in the summer than ruffles?  I have been fawning over Caroline Constas' designs for the last few seasons... stripes and layers and ruffles galore!  All that's missing is the guacamole and a pair of maracas

I love the candy stripes against the black background of this bustier gown.  Here's the short version of that dress.  So strong!

If you got gams, this skirt on this dress is so fab, or this one.

I think this tropical number is my favorite.

And in case you were wondering how the pressure washing went yesterday, I did have a little fun writing the Precious Peanuts' initials on the wall.  Once I retired I found myself not haveing a clue what to do with myself (see picture 2).  Generic cinnamon toast crunch + wine + NBA Wives.  Who knew?  Wow, there is a show for everything.  Even though I am not a baller wife I totally should have been cast for this one.  I'd have all the girls dressed in ruffles while they are bleeped dropping the F bomb every 3.5 seconds.  Wow.

Shop all the ruffles below, and shake. Shake.