Summer Trend: Seaside Stripes + How Have You Been?

Hello World!  It's been almost a month since I've been here.  Where does the time go?  The Jimmie Johnson Fit Fest was an absolute blast.  I won the women's division of the 8K trail race! It was challenging but felt great.  My beast mode spartan race competitor friend, Janet, won the 5K.  The entire day was so much fun.  There was a four hour bike challenge and kid spartan races that went on throughout the entire day.  It was adorable seeing tiny tots so happily covered in mud from head to toe.  After the races we enjoyed live music along with delicious local craft brew and food trucks galore topped off by the most delightful retirement over house made margaritas and grilled Cobia at a friend's house.

I've just returned from five days at the beach with my family.  We had pretty much perfect weather, and it was so much fun playing in the ocean and pool all day with the Precious Peanuts.  Of course, no vacation would be complete without almost unbelievable insane amounts of fighting, fussing, whining and more fun of such sorts, but all in all it was more enjoyable to be in the midst of it all down by the coast than anywhere else.

The Peanuts have gone to visit their other Grandparents for a week, and I am working hard to make the very most of it... work, sleep, house chores, running, cleaning, housekeeping, emails, etc!  Any other working mamas feel like they can never get caught up?!  This is pretty much like race week for me... As much as I would love to relax, how much can I possibly get done?  I am particularly excited that my stepfather has lent me a pressure washer.  I am going to go crazy town on the patio and brick wall.  I might even squiggle love notes in the layers of mildew and moss.  Look out.

In the meantime, it's BACK TO THE FASHION!  Since I've just returned from the beach, highlighting this season's Seaside Stripes trend seems totally apropos.  Below, are a few of my top picks on the timeless classic design.  Click HERE if you are unable to see the images.

I ADORE the stripes on this bikini, but I can tell you from trying it for myself that it is best fitting for a size 0 with no curves.

So I nabbed this J.Crew version for myself in red and white.  Eagerly waiting by the mail slot!

I sourced this versatile striped dress for a client... perfect for the office paired with a cardigan, or dress it down topped off with your favorite denim jacket; mine is Gap 1969 always!

This cheerful umbrella will keep you shaded cool on the beach.

Shop for Seaside Stripes HERE...