Streamlining Your Wardrobe + The Impact Of Clothes + Southern Spring Show Giveaway Winners

One of my favorite parts about my work is knowing I have done something to help another person feel good about themselves. The clothes you wear are not just that.  They way you see yourself in your clothes, in the mirror, is a very powerful psychological thing.  Putting your best foot forward impacts not just the way others view you but is a reflection of how you view yourself.  

It was a fun surprise waking up to an awesome review about an upwardly mobile young lady's experience working with me to streamline her wardrobe in order to help break the cycle of over-consumption. At age 30, Caitlin is interested in having fewer, more quality pieces that will allow her to have a more refined and sophisticated wardrobe. Thanks to a joint effort with Simplicity + Spunky Avocado, I think we were able to help her achieve just that!  

I'm a working mom to two young VERY busy boys, and despite the fact that dressing up is part of my job, I wear my work out clothes many days just like everyone else.  It is true.  Your appearance sets the tone for the way others view you, so when you have a day "off," you don't have to always reach for those easy comfortable clothes.  It really does help to take a few more minutes to make the effort and put something on that is good looking.  If you think you or someone you know might enjoy a closet consultation or personal styling session with me, email me at  I'd love to help!  Thanks to Simplicity, Spunky Avocado and Caitlin for this great opportunity.  You can read about Caitlin's full experience HERE

Last but not least, please read my comments in the blog post to see if you were the recipient of the Southern Spring Home & Garden Show ticket Giveaway!