Dress To Room Pairings That Will WOW + This And That

If you love interior design, great fashion and style, hopefully you are already following Holly Phillips' blog named after her interior design business, The English Room.  I'll never forget when Holly asked little ole me to lunch when she was thinking about starting a blog.  I still chuckle at the notion... Holly is a FORCE and at about 54K Instagram followers, it appears the social media world agrees!  But seriously, sign up for her blog HERE.  The English Room is one of my favorite reads and of her posts, I particularly enjoy her Dress To Room Pairings that follow any major fashion/awards event.  Here's a glimpse...

  • The Fanny Pack is BACK... Say What?!  But seriously, it's totally functional people.  Especially as a mom... at the park, or Disney World, or whatever.  I've knocked it Buuuuuut..... Check It.
  • Does anyone listen to Pastor Rick Warren?  He was the one that wrote The Purpose Driven Life back in 2002.  Whenever I'm in the car for any length of time, albeit not often, I am listening to Rick Warren's radio broadcast.  God's Mercy and My Failures, Part 3 was especially impacting for me.  He speaks about the noteworthiness of having small groups in your life, especially during difficult times and the importance of networks of loyal supportive friends.  I am so grateful for those friends in my life!
  • ast week I worked with a great team on a photo shoot at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. The wardrobe maintained the floral theme... It was so hard narrowing down this rack of beautiful threads!  I cannot wait to see the pictures!
  • I am happily sending off in style one sweet beautiful client to next weekend's Kentucky Derby thanks to some amazing custom design help for my client's hat for Saturday's race, as well as for her fascinator for Friday. If you are ever in need of a great headpiece, I highly recommend both The Hat Girls and Jill Courtemanche Millinery!  Both of these designers did an amazing job custom designing headpieces for me to pair with my client's dresses.