Last Week's Top Hits

Hi Everyone!  So many fun and cool things have happened over the last couple of weeks, but I've been too busy living in the moment to write about it beyond the Instagram and IRL.  I'm gonna take a stab at recapping some of it now.  The main thing is that my boys' spring and summer activities overlapped.  All of those, combined with various child related (non emergency and emergency) doctors appointments last week about sent me into orbit. Precious Peanut #1 ran his first 5K via the AMAZING boys running program, Let Me Run, and Precious Peanut #2, to his dismay, is stuck wearing an eye patch two hours a day for some time to come... hopeful nonsurgical preventative measures hard at work here!

Precious Peanut #2 will graduate from Kindergarten at our church preschool where my boys have been for the last nine years combined.  This will mean a much needed increased ability for me to work but also that my daily demands and time commitments as a Mom will lessen.  It is bittersweet. I will be shedding a lot of tears on Thursday. On a fun note, Paper Twist sent me this GORGEOUS monogrammed planner last week!  You'll never believe what I left off my calendar on my phone... perhaps this new planner will be just the answer!

I ordered my first bathing suit in FIVE YEARS.  I absolutely loathe bathing suit shopping, but I lost my stretched out top and bottom one too many times jumping off the diving board last year.  I've always had great success with J.Crew, and you can't beat the price.  Use code SALESTYLE to take 30% off all J.Crew Sale items now.

I had the pleasure of attending The First Tee Ladies luncheon last week at Charlotte Country Club.  We heard touching stories from two high school students who have been long time participants in the program, and North Carolina ranked #1 golf instructor, Dana Rader, was on hand to share with us some of her great coaching practices.   She explained the nature of her relationship with the students and the importance of unconditional affection for them.. "I am there for you in the good times AND the bad times."  She told us that she encourages the students to journal and the confidence building effects keeping a journal can have for all.   The many great character building components reminded me of Let Me Run.

I noticed my friend Heather donning her chic bamboo handbag at a couple of events lately. They wood color will pair nicely with everything during the warm spring and summer months. I'd really like to have this green acrylic version, but in the mean time it took me about 2.6 seconds to press the order button on this equally attractive knock off version at a fraction of the cost. 

One last thing on that note.  It was super cool last week to open up my in box and see my all time favorite fashion blogger, Blair Eadie, wearing the long version of the very dress I styled one of my beautiful clients in for the Kentucky Derby.  Blair even approves of the bag!

Here is the shorter Alexis dress my client wore, and the longer one Blair wore.