Put A Belt On It

Everyone knows the way to put the cherry on your sundae when it comes to dressing is by way of great accessories.  I've been really lucky to inherit some great vintage dresses that may not fit me just right.  While I'm working to make a trip to my seamstress (if you are in Charlotte, you need to be going to Christie's), I've been known to band aid my dress with a belt until I do. I also have dresses in my closet that I love as they are, but they just need something more or something else.  I'll put a belt on, and viola!  The look goes in a completely new direction.  Last but not least, sometimes an outfit just calls for a unique addition to give it some ooph.  If you keep up with my Outfit of the Day posts on the Instagram, you already know my appreciation for the magic of a waist cinching belt...

I've been belt shopping for a few clients this week, and after all the hunting and pecking for great options, I thought I'd share my findings with you!  Click HERE if you are unable to see the below images.  How about you?  Do you reach for your belt to change, enhance or cinch an outfit?

This is what editorial photo shoot belt dreams are made of.

My last belt purchase was the above pictured wrap knot belt I'm currently wearing on repeat.

Definitely one day I need a bad @$$ statement belt in my collection. This Gucci snake will do.

This leather wrap obi belt is your wardrobe must have.  Goes. With. Everything.

Sundance is kinda the jam place for laid back, denim style, hippie, cool belts like this one.