Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Laid Back Saturday Cool

I've been working on an editorial project that had me scrolling the Instagram handles of some of the Queen City's youngest, hottest and chicest.  The twenty year olds seem to all have this dressed down ripped jean shorts, simple tee, gladiator sandals, top knot topped off with sunglasses three sizes too big thing going on.  Don't get me wrong, when styled appropriately (ie. not too short, too tight dare I say trashy looking), they look pretty sexy and cute.  That said, I am really thrilled not to be in my late twenties anymore.  I feel like the older you get the more fun you can have with fashion.  I think there is a stronger element of individuality with age.  That said, I do like the idea of an under styled laid back Madewell look for those days you just don't have more in you.  What do you think? Shop below for a few of the more simple items I like to keep in my closet. Click HERE if you are not able to see the below images.

Always, always need a good utility pant and jacket in the wardrobe.  They are both great neutral, alternatives to denim that go with everything.  

I LOVE this military style peplum jacket and here it is in plus size

I am digging the looks of this zip hem crop boyfriend jean. 

This is a GREAT basic tee.  The flattering V-neck is particularly nice for women with a larger bust.