Gucci On My Mind

What can I say?  What can anybody say?  I'm gaahh for Gucci.  It's just too d@mn good.  And on top of it all, they go and raise the bar and put my favorite little accouterment, the pussybow, on almost every blouse or dress. I do not own a single piece of Gucci anything, but some day.  When the timing is right I'm gonna.  What do you think?

I want to put one of my female attorney clients in this dress all day long.  Walk in the court room.  Boom.  Case closed. 

And this pleated metallic skirt.  Boogie Nights Forever and ever. 

A couple of fabulous clients own the popular and brilliant metallic mid heel pump

These rainbow square sunglasses?  Really?  I mean seriously?  They look like something one of the hot male subjects would wear in a Stephanie Vovas photograph.  Totes Dirk Diggler style.

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