What She Wore: Fairy Girl

Today's What She Wore is so fun and creative, I couldn't help but share with you!  Lydia's creativity and personal style of layering clothing items is all her own.  While layering is an achievable one and a great way to display your own unique style, it is one that when mastered comes by way of both intentional thought and great creativity. This is both A brain AND B brain going on here.  I remember the first time I met Lydia's now husband, Scott.  I said to him "your sweet girlfriend reminds me of a fairy!" And with that, Scott lovingly replied, "that's what I call her."  Love, love. 

Fairy Style.JPG

Layering ensures no one else will have your look.  And let's not forget all those luscious details.

Up Close Fairy Girl.JPG

I'm a sucker for a romantic lace blouse, and I do think this one is exquisite!

Truth be told, I've never owned a pair of moccasins.  This pair marries boho + glam just splendidly!  This are the pair Lydia wears. 

Shop Free People's full run of lace dresses for the fairy in you!  This black lace mini dress is so gypsy sexy.

Shop all of Lydia's look below or click HERE if you are unable to see the below images.