Vintage Voila On Stands Now In Ballantyne Magazine

If I do say so myself, the Style Points in the newest issue of Ballantyne Magazine looks pretty awesome.  Given my love of quality vintage clothing, this edit was particularly fun for me.  If you love great vintage like I do, get excited as you prepare to see everything from clothing to accessories and in between inspired by vintage design.  As we all know, the good stuff always comes back, like my Grandmother's poolside caftan here... 


Americana, patchwork, embroidery belted leather coats and rich velvet for formal occasions are a few of my favorite vintage inspired designs for Fall '17.  There are great finds from Charlotte's own Frock Shop and Neiman Marcus as well as House of Landor and the resurrected for modern day cool, Seafarer Denim. Read the entire issue HERE.  

What a treat it was, too, to be able to provide personal styling services to my editor.  Read about the AMAZING vintage needlepoint bag we uncovered tucked and hidden in her closet.  Do you have any amazing vintage finds?  I'd love to hear about them!