Summer To Fall Closet Switch With Barbara McKay + Simplicity Organizers

It is almost time to put those spring and summer clothes aside and bring in those for fall and winter!  But if you're really on top of things like one of Charlotte's longest most loved personalities for all time, Barbara McKay, then you've already made the switch.  A few years ago I had the delight of assistance with getting my closet together thanks to Charlotte's own Simplicity Organizers.  If you need help getting it together (like me) these are the folks to call. Below are some before and after pictures of my then closet. 

The over extended exhausted drooping bar is my favorite.  For the sake of visual sanity, I am a firm believer in having all of the same hangers.  I use these black felt ones by slim line.  I also recommend clear plastic shoe boxes in order to keep your shoes in their best shape while being easy to find. You can do this yourself, or call Simplicity to take care of any and everything organizational thing for which you are able to find no time.  Now back to the fashion...

Barbara McKay 1.jpeg

Let's see what Barbara McKay has to say on the matter of swapping out your closets for a new season.  Read about her cutie patootie fashionable self HERE and check out her tips. Have a great weekend everyone!