Amp Up Your Look With A Great Bag

Accessories are the cherry on top of any outfit.  You can put together a great look, but you always want to finish it off with a great bag, pair of shoes, earrings, belt etc.  This is how you elevate your look to an even higher level.  Whether it's a strong, structured bag, boho crossbody pouch or purse with an interesting shape or color, this is one extra step you don't want to skip.  Before walk out the door, always always be sure you reach for a great bag. Shop my recommendations below and HERE

I think this is my most wanted.  Take me to the roller rink and get me a suicide drink! Here it is on The RealReal.  So tempting.

This strong architectural black one reminds me of my Great-Grandmother's bags.  And this snake print leather bag too. 

AWESOME bang for the buck on sale and amazing deep navy color!

ESPRIT anyone?