SouthPark Magazine featuring Brooke Hall

I am trying to get caught up here on the Queen City Style, and I am certain it will not ever truly completely happen; there is so much I want to share!  Does anyone else find themselves distracted by squirrels with just about every turn they take?  Lately, that's me.  Most important of all, my two precious peanuts keep me so so busy... I find motherhood to be more and more exciting, fun and rewarding at every stage.  We just returned from the beach. I basically want to soak them both up every single second, like the sun. Look at these two handsome studs!


The May fashion editorial for SouthPark Magazine was probably one of my favorite projects to date.  Olly Yung, as always, was brilliant behind the camera.  We enlisted native Charlottean and my beautiful on the inside and out friend, Brooke Hall , to be our model.  Mega-star hair and makeup artist gal pal Jami Svay did her thing.  So much of this project was about Brooke.  Brooke defines embullient beauty, and so it was really necessary that SHE be the model, showcasing the very best fashions I could get my hands on around select original spots in our great city.  These images are so life-giving for me.  I hope you enjoy them too!