Baby/Guest Room Details, Accessories and More

Hey there!  So, here is a break down on how all the details came together in pulling together Worth's room.  My friend Anna let me borrow a crib skirt and black and white check crib sheet she had from her son's nursery.  It was perfect compliment for my black and white chair, and so I had my first accent pieces free-of-charge! 

Since I knew I was keeping the bed in the room, and it did not have a bed skirt already, I decided now was a good time to get one.  I would have purchased one sooner, but the drop from the top of the box spring to the floor is about 28 inches, so it would have to be custom-made.  I sew most of my pillows and draperies myself, but I haven't taken my hand yet at a bed skirt, so I farmed out this one.  If anyone needs a referral around the Queen City for high quality work at a most economical price, please let me know!  Of course, I made a trip down the road to the one and only Mary Jo's for some inexpensive yet quality white material.  I decided to coordinate the bed skirt to the crib skirt by adding black grosgrain ribbon trim.  I had the ribbon mitered on with a long stitch, so it could easily be removed, and I would still have my white bed skirt for the bed in another room.

This gave me my first project.  I made the pillow with ribbon trim and once we had baby boy and a name, I took it over to L&M Monogramming on East Blvd. for a little personalizing.

Next, I made these frames as a way to tie together all the colors in the room. I found a tutorial on line by super creative Eddie Ross for making this easy project using alternating colors of satin ribbon. Obviously, I knew which colors I would use, but I needed to decide on the layering pattern for the ribbon.  I purchased all materials from Michael's over at Park Road Shopping Center.  Truth be told, I moved to this location of town if for no other reason than that shopping center.  I mean, there is nothing you can't do there! I love all things unique, and these frames customize the decor of the room at total a bargain price.

Layering the ribbon

Frames up on queen anne pink walls

Frames complete with zoomed-in shots of happy baby boy

Thanks so much for reading!  I'll show you the remaining details in my next post.

For the love of great style.... and have a wonderful weekend!  Whitley