Baby/Guest Room Details, Accessories and More Part II

Hi there!  I'm back to share the final details for completing Baby Worth's new room.  I already had a fabulous red and white print fabric which I purchased at Robyn's Fabrics.  I LOVE this print.  I think it lends a touch of whimsy to the room with the trees, little deer and birds on it that appear to be passing through a forest.  Fun for a child's room but also pretty hip for adults.  I first used the fabric to make a pillow cover for the bed using a lumbar insert I already owned.  Then, I used the same fabric to make customized letters for the room.  Truth be told, I'm personally kinda burned out on the letter thing, but I thought it would be another easy and personalized way to tie things together.

I spent some time determining how I would affix the fabric to the wood letters.  I decided I wanted to apply padding to the letters to add some depth, so I used batting I had purchased for another project which I never got around to completing--or starting for that matter!  Yay... free material for this project anyway!  I tried doing this first using a staple gun, and while the batting stretched fine around the letters, the fabric did not.  Total mess.  So, then I traced the letters onto the batting and cut them out.  Then, I traced the letters onto the fabric and cut that out.  I followed the instructions conveniently located on the back of the batting to iron it to the fabric.  Who knew?!  First time I've used batting, and it worked!  I then just glued the new cut batting and fabric to the letters.

I found a home for the letters right over the rocker.  I liked it but felt like the letters were kind of "floating" on the wall and needed some grounding, which you can see in the below picture.

So, I decided to glue add some black grosgrain ribbon around the edges of the letters.  The letters were probably only an inch deep at most, but again I didn't want to spend any money, so I ended up using some left over 2 1/4 inch ribbon I had for the bed skirt.  I wanted a nice edge, so I ended up attaching the finished edge of the ribbon to the edge of the letters then glued down the extra ribbon to the back of the letters.  It was pretty time consuming, and it definitely would have been easier using ribbon that was the proper width, but whatever... paid nothing, gained experience, super happy with the outcome...

Next, I already had both of the table lamps you see.  My mother-in-law gave me the cute little owl lamp as a Christmas gift last year.  Both lamps were purchased at Target.  So for the side tables, the white one in the above picture we purchased at Kid to Kid, also over at Park Rd. Shopping Center.  I think we paid $30 for it.  It was a brown, somewhat scuffed up nice piece of Pottery Barn Kids furniture I imagine would have run us at least $150 new.  So, we primed and painted it white.  Recently, I decided to swap it out for this little magazine stand I purchased one late, late night out of the women's restroom at Tautog's, a bar in downtown Virginia Beach.  Not my most thought out purchase, but I'm sure you can use your imagination as to how it made its way home with me.  I recently painted it this bright red for another room in the house, but I thought it would work well as a night stand in Worth's room.  It holds books and cd's.

Back to the white fabric. I had this little table with glass top stored in my attic, so I decided to pull it out for the baby room.  I had my fabulous seamstress make a table skirt and add black piping around the edge.

I also used some of my red and white fabric to jazz up the table top a bit.  I really like the way this looks.

It plays home to a few items given as gifts to baby Worth, including this precious little elephant from big brother Hank's classmates, which I believe was purchased at Cottage Chic over on East Blvd.

 And this pretty monogrammed velvet-lined keepsake container from Worth's Godmother.

Perhaps you've wondered, where is the changing table?  Well, it's hiding in the closet to allow for a more comfortable room.  We found it Craig's List, and it's in perfect condition.  The previous owners showed us their receipt for $600.  We paid $200.  I would have taken on another redo project and perhaps turned some other piece of furniture into a changing table, but most wonderful hubby and I both were pretty tired of the projects. I'd like to paint the inside of the closet a fun color and do a little better with my mess of off-season clothes on the top shelve, but no time for that right now... I've got so many projects!

 I'll spare your eyes of the mess, and close the doors.  Aaahhhh.......

I hope you have enjoyed this step by step tour of Baby Boo's room.  I think he's totally living in style! Do you?  I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!  Whitley