Guest Room to Baby/Guest Room Transformation

Since I have been home with my boys for the last eight months, I am completely totally obsessed with home design.  I mean, it really all makes perfect sense.  I can't exactly go anywhere during the day outside of the park or grocery story or some other completely child-friendly or child-focused place.  So, whenever the boys and I aren't providing one another's stimulation to each other, I am getting on my bicep and quad workout. If I am not physically redecorating each and every room in my house each and every week, I am mentally moving furniture in my head.  It's a horrible fuel for my already somewhat mild case of OCD.  As if there isn't a place for everything, everything should be in it's place.  All along the way I'm dusting a little hear, smudging finger prints a little there, taking the vacuum hose to the dog hair here and there (and everywhere!!).... You know, the whole stay-at-home-mom-don't-have-housekeeper type of thing.  Definitely much more gratifying with a Manhattan cocktail in hand.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Right before finding out I was pregnant with baby #2, I finally got my guest room looking just like I wanted. Below is a picture of the room right when we moved in the house, working with what I owned.  It's not that I terribly dislike the room, but it's just not really my taste. Or, maybe it's just not completely pulled together.  It's called working with what you got, or as my mom taught me "living within your harvest," which meant not going out and buying anything.  I do have the gorgeous inheritance piece bed from my Great-Grandmother which I am so lucky to have.

So, by now we had been in the house for four years, and this was the second room in the house that I considered "complete".  My inspiration for the guest room was this gorgeous room at Max and Company. The picture is below, as well as a link to the image on the website. All of owner Pheobe Howard's rooms are just as delicious as the one you see here.  If you are in the Queen City, treat yourself to perusing through all of the rooms at her two stores, Mrs. Howard and Max and Company located at 1001 East Morehead Street.  

Click Here

I think the textures and hues are so calm and soothing, perfect for a guest room. So, here is my transformation using only things I already owned.  Images are via my cell phone, so a little fuzzy.

What do you think?  In my next post, I will show you the transformation from New Guestroom to Baby Room/Guest Room. 

Thanks for reading, and hope you have an Oh-so Stylish Saturday!!  Whitley