Guest Room to Baby/Guest Room Transformation, Part II

Hi there!  With both boys we decided to not find out the gender prior to delivery.  As I mentioned in the last post, I just completed the guest room when I shortly thereafter learned I was pregnant with baby #2.  I was so proud of the way that room looked.  I found the perfect peach/pink blend for the walls, queen anne pink by Benjamin Moore.  I knew that we would wait again to find out the gender of baby #2, so I decided I would just leave the color on the walls.  The crib we used for our first son was a hand-me-down on its fourth use, and he destroyed it, so we couldn't even donate it to Goodwill.  I was basically starting from scratch.  I did, however, have this wonderful black and white check rocker passed down from my cousin that would become the grounding piece for the room...Voila!  If it were a girl, it would be pink and black and white... my little Chanel room!!  So, I put the black and white check rocker in the room, moved the furniture for baby into the room, and perfection.  I absolutely loved it.

Room fit for a little princess.

Hank ready for his new baby sister.

Everyone seemed to think we were having a girl for whatever reason, and so I think I too was convinced of it.  If baby was a boy, however, I had no game plan.  

As a side note, I need to mention that our house is three bedroom, so this meant we basically would be losing our guest room.  Once you have children, I feel like there is a direct correlation to the number of overnight guests you host in your home.  I did, however, want to at least be able to offer a bed for my in-laws or any other surprise visitors that needed a comfortable place to rest their head.   

Fast forward to delivery day... Out popped baby #2, and in this order my husband exclaimed "It's a Boy!" and "I'm Not Painting!" And thus for four months, our sweet baby William Hollingsworth "Worth" slept soundly in his soothing pink room.  It was back to the drawing board on a new baby room.  I knew I wanted fun, punchy bright colors. I was still working around the black and white check rocker. I have always admired the way the hue of turquoise and red complemented each other, and I felt like they would do well with the black and white.  So, Voila again, my new color palette!  I hopped over to my home away from home for paint and everything else fabulous, Black Hawk Hardware, to make my paint selection.  Then magic happened.  One week this summer I took the boys to visit their Grandparents and that sweet most wonderful man in the world painted the room!!  Below is the picture and caption he sent to me...

Smurf Blue!

Whoa!  That is some SERIOUS Smurf Blue.  I was nervous to see it in person, but then when I saw it in natural daylight, I was completely happy with the was it looked.  As you can see in the above picture, I had already picked out some accent fabric in red and white.  After my dear friend Anna purchased a matching red quilt and pillow shams for her two boys from Target, I realized it would bit a nice fit for this room.  So, I trotted myself on over to Midtown Target, and purchased a set for baby Worth.  Perfect!  Below are some shots of the final outcome.  I love it.  As a side note, I read somewhere that black and red and white are the first color a baby is able to see, so I thought this is double winner :)  I wonder what baby Worth thinks?

A room fit for a King!

I love the sweet little table by the door.

Fabric covered letters to match lumbar pillow on bed.

Painted night stand to hold books, cd's and a couple favorite pics.

Every southern gentleman's room needs a touch of monogram.

Homemade ribbon frames for pics of  baby boo.

Sweet baby Worth

I hope you enjoyed this post. Next time I will share with you a little bit more about the accessories, fabrics, etc and how they all came together to create the final look.

For the love of living in style, Whitley