Fashion Friday - ASOS Trousers and a Fabulous Vintage Mink Fur Coat

Happy Friday, Everyone!  I'm so excited for the very first Fashion Friday which was inspired by these insanely Uh-Maze-Ing trousers I recently purchased on ASOS.  I was delighted and equally excited by the number of emails, texts and calls I received from many of you about these pants.... SO FUN!! 

I was milling around on line one day, and with no intention what so ever, I found myself back on the ASOS website.  It is one of my favorite overseas hubs for fabulous garb.  Don't ask me how or why, but all I know is the blogging is VERY dangerous for me.  I mean, it has me looking at images of beautiful clothes, decor, furniture, jewels, and every other type of stylish thing to have me drooling in nothing but desire.  But really, I love the inspiration these images give me, and I am so excited to share that with you.  

Back to the trousers... I saw them and could not say no. 

I was so excited upon their arrival that I photographed the welcoming party...

I just want to swathe my entire self in this fabric.  How divine?

I think they fit right in at their new home.  Don't you?  They were welcomed with open arms by all their new friends.

So, what are you waiting for ladies?  Click here to see if they are still available in your size.  (As a side note, sizes are also European, but there is a conversion chart.  I found my pair to be true to my exact size).  Are you seated for the best part?... Because ASOS is an online retailer based in the UK, prices listed are in Euros. Well, these trousers are on sale for 18.00 Euros, which right now means $23.32!  If the pants are no longer available your size, do not dismay, there are plenty of other fabulous designs on ASOS over which you may drool.

As you can see, I had probably the most fun ever playing dress up in these trousers.  I wore them to a friend's holiday party, and what better occasion for a little sparkle and shine? 

For the accessories, I paired my ensemble with this bright green resin wrist bangle that belonged to my Great-Grandmother.  I call it my Wonder Woman bracelet.  It is so strong and sturdy, and of course, it possesses super powers.

The Mod Glam earrings are by JewelMint.  These are SO fun, and they are clip-on's!... #1-Who knew clip on earrings were still made?  And #2-Who knew they looked this good?  I'll be bringing you the 411 on JewelMint in a post to come.  Quite honestly, I am a little silly over this on-line jewelry club.

I recently took a photo inventory of every piece of clothing and accessory I own that belonged to my Grandmother or Great-Grandmother, which serves as my inspiration for Fashion Friday.  The newest piece in that inventory is a mink fur coat that did not belong to my Grandmother but my Grandfather's mother.  The coat was passed down to my Aunt, and upon the recent sell and downsize of her home, she needed to shed some of her possessions.  I was beyond flattered, delighted and excited when my mom called to tell me my Aunt asked if I wanted it.  It is too large for me as is, but I have zero problem with that!

Her monogram, Elizabeth White Whitley...

And so, this night was the first I have ever worn a fur of such sorts, and I thought about it for about...oh, two seconds... then knew I had to wear it!  With sheer joy, excitement, and serious warmth I might add, I did.

I love the oversize collar and bell sleeves.

Oh my, I love everything about it.  I'll admit I wasn't 100% comfortable wearing it.  Just not quite the same as my good ole stand-by Gap demin jacket, you know?  However, I do think with a little practice I could get used to the feeling prrrreetty quickly.  It makes me feel very old Hollywood wearing it.  I can close my eyes, or not, and in my mind be taken to some fabulous time and place in the past.  I'm seeing a brisk wintry night strolling down Madison Avenue, peering in the boutique store fronts with little twinkly stars all around up in the sky.  Can you see it?  Oooohhhh, I can.  Are we there yet?

For the love of Old Hollywood glitz, glamour and fabulous feel good fashion, I wish you a most stylish New Years Eve Weekend!  Be safe, and wish upon your star, xo-Whitley