Fashion Friday in the Works!

Hello all you fabulous, stylish readers!  I am going to keep this short, because I know your focus is not on my blog, but rather, it is on Christmas.  May I please grab your attention for just a brief moment?

I thought that might do the trick.  Okay, so don't go anywhere just yet...

This has been a great week for me.  My dear friend Ashley introduced me to the Editor of the wildly successful and popular fashion blog Fashion Foi Gras, Emily Johnston.  Read more about Fasion Foi Gras HERE.  I will just say that Emily gave me some awesome tips in working to grow the Queen City Style.  I mean, the girl only has 18,295 followers on Twitter as of the last time I checked. I got some catching up to do, no?  Thank you, thank you Emily!

I created a Facebook fan page for the Queen City Style, click HERE, and in 24 hours 115 of you LIKED me.


 I am working so hard to take this blog by storm. I have no idea where my efforts will lead, but my goal is absolutely no less than super stardom.  I am going for it!

One last thing.  I have decided that each Friday I will be bringing you... Fashion Friday!

Vintage Valentino... REALLY.  Does it get anymore fabulous than this?  I say no way.

I will share with you articles of clothing, ensembles, accessories and more, but only what I consider to be the very most stylish.  Then on Sunday, I will follow up by bringing you Styling Sunday in which I will share with you ideas for styling similar articles of clothing, ensembles and the like.  This will be a lot to keep up with, but I like a goal, and I like a challenge.  I've got my first edition ready to roll, but I'm holding out for you, since I know your mind is on this...

And not this...

I'm speaking of the wardrobe, of course... wink.

Signing off until after Christmas!  I hope yours is nothing but merry and bright.

For the love of the most stylish gift of all--being with loved ones...

Warmest Holiday Regards to you and yours, Whitley