Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Well, Christmas is just one week away as of today!!  Merry, Merry everyone! I wanted to share with you some beautiful and unique Christmas trees in Charlotte, as well as a few iconic trees beyond the Queen City.  Naturally, I will start with one of my very own.  Actually, my mother's.  I would be remiss if I did not share the tree I grew up with each year.  It is the only tree I have ever known with all red lights.  One thing I love most is that I've never seen another of its kind, but regardless, I think it is so magical and pretty.

A peak from the street.

It's like fire!

My husband grew up with white lights, so we compromised on a tree with lights of red and white.  Admittedly I was a little sad we would not have an all red tree.  However, I quickly grew to love our own unique "Candy Cane" tree!  When my friend Lauren told me the new Food Lion on Park Road was selling trees for $29.99, we were there in a skinny minute!  Skinny?  All of the trees were just that.  Hank pointed out immediately the one he wanted, so we strapped it on the top of our car and head for home.  If our tree was a gawky lad, our excuse was Hank.  Ha!  No, never... that sweet baby.  Besides, what could be more stylish than saving money during the holidays?!

We'll call him Super Skinny...

Just like this beastly man!

The sweetest little helper on the planet.

Fits PERFECTLY in the corner since I've recently rearranged the living room floor plan.

Our Candy Cane tree of red and white lights. It's perfect!  Way to go Hanky!

Disco ball has got his eyes on a few bright and shiny's there on the tree.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has been a NYC Christmas Tradition since 1931.  Who doesn't love the city at Christmas time?  Just thinking about it makes me want to go there now!

The White House Christmas tree, also known as the Blue Room Christmas Tree is the official indoor Christmas tree at the White House.  The first indoor tree was installed someone in the 19th century and since 1961, the tree has had a themed motif, at the discretion of the First Lady.  The tree, which is selected from various growers nationwide, has been provided by growers in North Carolina 11 times, more than any other state.

  Go one which ya bad self Tar Heel tree growers!

White House Christmas tree arriving via horse drawn carriage.

Blue Room Christmas Tree.

I have always been mesmerized by the magic of Biltmore at Christmas time.  All of the decorations are so lovely and amazing.  It is hard to find proper words to describe the towering trees at Biltmore House.  The scale of everything is so grand.  Since George Vanderbilt moved into Biltmore House in 1895, the Banquet Hall has served as the focal point for Christmas celebrations at Biltmore House.  If you haven't been, it is a real treat for the entire family, and it is just a two hour drive from Charlotte.  Click here for information on visiting Biltmore House at Christmas through January 1.

Biltmore House at night.

The Banquet Hall at Biltmore House.

And just a few more I think are pretty...

In an otherwise lovely traditional  interior, this tree throws in a little glam with aqua and metallic matched to the decor.

It seems that turquoise is a hot color for Christmas trees right now.  What's not to love?  I particularly love the way bows are wrapped around this tree, and check out those super fun feathers on the top. I spotted this tree on the ultra cute and hot for turquoise blog, House of Turquoise. I think the tree should never leave the room, it's so pretty.

Ironically enough, the next image was a lovely bar cart stocked with tasty looking little holiday cocktails.  Um... yes please!

And check out the pheasant feathers on this beaut.  Isn't this SO creative?

So Stylish and Original

My mother informed me that my Great Grandparents also had a totally unique Christmas tree, one completely smathered with white Ivory flakes, creating the look of a lush powdery snow.  Here's a totally gorg all white tree belonging to local Charlotte designer Holly Phillips of The English Room.  I want this NOW!  

Of course, I had to Google Ivory Snow Flake Christmas tree, and HERE is what I found.  This Blogger was also compelled to try it for herself.  Isn't it lovely?  Click on the link to see the step by step guide to making a "Glowy and Snowy Flocked Tree". So Heavenly...

And to top it all off...

A little bit of modern glam using an urn as the base and a disco ball hanging  from the ceiling in lieu of a traditional tree topper.  Love this!

As if a disco ball could be any more fun and festive than it already is!  I think I'll have to do this with mine!

Here's a beautiful bow used for a tree topper custom made by Black Lion here in the Queen City.

Last, but not least, I thought I'd share with you a gift that keeps on giving!  Here's one way to put those empty wine bottles to good use.  Maybe I'll start saving all of those bottles of wine given as gifts and one day have my very own wine bottle tree.  I mean, in all seriousness, how pretty is this tree?!...

I'm ready for Christmas.  Are you?

For the love of fabulous holiday style, Whitley