Yarn Wreaths with Felt Flowers... Love!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely week of Christmas!  Are you ready?  Got your presents all wrapped?

Got your Christmas dinner menu planned?  Do you have your tree up?  (I had to share with you this one again... Who doesn't love a wine bottle tree?!)

Well, if not... good luck to you!

As you may have seen in a previous post, I got busy this year making several of our Christmas gifts.  I took on a new project this year making Yarn Wreaths with Felt Flowers.  I love this one from the so fun blog, a home in the making.

Yarn Wreath from a home in the making

I have seen these on several other blogs and thought they were so adorable that I would take a swing at them myself.  They were not difficult to make at all.  Just a wee bit time consuming.  I would say laborious, like painting, but the good news is you can do it while watching your favorite episode of... I'll let you pick your own poison!  Here's mine...

Sometimes I wish it were still this...

But heck, if wreath making got my worn out tushy some much needed snuggle time on the couch, then I'll take it! Even most wonderful man in the world digs a little wreath making, 90210in', tushy snuggle time...

At any rate, I was so pleased with the outcome, I wanted to share with you a glimpse of these precious bits 'o love in the making.  Naturally, I headed over to my arts 'n crafts home away from home, Michael's at Park Road Shopping Center, where I purchased all of the materials.  For a step by step guide, I followed the one Here on the super adorable and creative blog, take heart.  If you do decide to make these, I wanted to show you below that it is virtually impossible to get the string to line up perfectly, since the outside of the wreath is wider than the inside portion.  Do not worry, you are on the right track, and it all works out in the end.

Here are all the wreaths with yarn wrapped around them, and you can see the colors of felt I chose for making the flowers.  I love the red, cranberry and hot pink jewel tones together.  You can also see my arts 'n crafts BFF, Mr. Glue Gun there, ready at the helm.

I love bright colors!

I hope you enjoyed!  A couple of you have let me know that you too have made felt wreaths.  I'd LOVE to see pictures of yours.  Or, please, please let me know if there are any other fun holiday crafts you recommend.

For the love of making and giving it all in style... Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Whitley