You lose some, You WIN Some...

I'll be rounding out the story about my bar for you here soon, but I wanted to just quickly share with you this gorgeous new mirror I picked up for almost next to nothing last week.

If you haven't been acquainted yet with One Kings Lane, I highly recommend it.  For the last few months, this has been my favorite new go-to site for any and all things fabulous for the home.  Straight from their website, One Kings Lane is an elegant, curated online sales site bringing their members spectacular hand-picked designer items at up to 70% off suggested retail prices.  I concur.  All that they offer is spectacular at a discount price.  I have purchased several gift items from their site as well as a few sercy's (sp?) for myself along the way.

Rounding the corner onto my street, I was so excited to see from off in the distance a large brown box propped up on my front door step.  As soon as I got home, I excitedly pulled the box inside to view my new treasure!

So exciting!!!

Uh oh.  Not good...

Not so exciting.

Because this is a on line discount site, items typically sell out.  I have once before ordered something from One Kings Lane and received the wrong item.  I ordered Kelly Wearstler's coffee table book, Hue, thinking I was getting a limited edition signed copy which included its very own blue velvet box for safe keeping. Instead, I got just the book sans KW autograph and pretty blue velvet box.

I love the cover of her book.

One Kings Lane couldn't have handled it more beautifully.  They apologetically refunded my credit card and let me keep the book.  Truth be told, I would have paid the same discounted amount for the book I received. I love love excellent customer service.

So, I called One Kings Lane and told them my mirror arrived shattered.  Again, the item was sold out, which meant they wouldn't be able to send me a new mirror.  So sad!  They refunded my credit card and said they didn't need me to send back the mirror.  So, I called the framing department over at Michael's at Park Rd Shopping Center, and they said they did not offer mirror repair.  The representative referred me to someone who did offer the 12 inch mirror I needed at $25 and an additional $15 if I wanted them to install it.  So, I went over to Michael's just to see what they had on the shelf.  Low and behold...

12 inch mirror round in the wedding section for $5.99!

So, I tackled it myself, carefully pulling the backing off of the mirror.

Brought out my trust friend, ole Mr. Glue Gun...

I carefully placed the new mirror down in the frame, and voila!  A $225 regular priced mirror, discounted to $99, refunded and fixed for a meer $5.99.  Score!

Lovely like new!

Now, where to hang the beauty??  At this point in time, I think I'd like to hang it above our new bed that does not yet exist though one day will.  So for now, mirror might find its way back into the box until that time comes.  OR, just maaaaybe mirror will facilitate that new bedroom to be... guess we'll have to wait and see!

For the love of living in (affordable) great style, have a wonderful weekend!  Whitley