Conversations with a Queen City Stylist... and a Little Something for the Kiddies

I imagine most or all of us know what it means to be frank, correct?  Well, for the sake of prefacing today's topic, I will refresh.  The definition of the verb frank: direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward, sincere. And one more for our little English lesson here, when used as a noun, the definition of hedonist: a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification.  If you pair these two words, frank and hedonist, for the sake of this style blog, then I would say yes, I sincerely unequivocally get pleasure and self-gratification from seeing, touching, feeling and loving fabulous style.  You?

I haven't seen the movie, but Isla Fisher's character in Confessions of a Shopaholic seems to feel the love.  In reality, I know there is at least one other who feels the same as I do, and it's a native Queen City lad by the name of Franklin Headen.  Know him?  If you are a high fashion, fabulous style desiring local seeking a trademark for your own unique look, chances are you do.  If not, then I am delighted to make the introduction.  

Readers meet Frank.  

Frank is a 17-year-old Charlotte native who, to me, knows more about current fashion than possibly the next five most fashion-educated people I know, combined.  Seriously.  I have a true love for fashion.  I don't claim to know anywhere near a fraction of all there is to know on the subject, but in the first five minutes speaking to Frank, I realized I know very little.  We were recently introduced through a mutual friend, and I was literally squealing with excitement after our first meeting.  This was me on the phone with most wonderful man in the world, driving home, telling him about meeting Frank...

Like a child in a candy store.  Finally someone as obsessed with fashion as me.  Well, more.  On a day to day basis, I don't openly share my love of fashion quite like this, but I was as high as a kite talking to Frank.  I mean, he knows SO much.  I could barely contain my excitement.  There are people out there who know a lot about their craft, and there are those who put off airs for whatever reason.  This guy knows his craft, and what I took away is that he is completely unaffected.  Thanks, Frank.  Me likey.

With a little shopping to do for Frank's A-list clientele, we decided to meet at the South Park Mall.  Perfect, I thought.  I can just follow him around the mall, and watch him work!  We met at Starbucks and meandered through the heavy crowds seeking the perfect watch for a client.  First stop, Michael Kors.  Frank said Michael Kors is making some great watches right now, and they might have something of interest for this particular client.  

Could this have been the one?

Me, personally...

I would have absolutely zero wearing this watch.

We were greeted by multiple associates who seemed to know Frank personally, jotted a SKU number and said goodbye as we continued our search.  Next stop Burberry, and onto Neiman's.  Through previous research, Frank already deduced Neiman's didn't have the particular watch he was seeking, but it was the most logical place to continue our little walk and talk.  A stylist is always working, and arguably, Neiman Marcus is Charlotte's finest for high fashion one stop shopping. Personally, I would not know, but I CAN look and dream with the best of them.

We made our way up the escalator to the Chanel boutique, where I of course was in Heaven, and how conveniently situated were there but two club chairs and a little coffee table welcoming us to rest our soles for the remainder of our chatter.  I can't begin to tell you all of the details of our conversation or even a fraction of them, because what I do know is that my mouth was moving exponentially faster than my brain. The questions just kept flowing, outpacing all else but my fascination.  As a result to this, I will bringing forthcoming posts "Conversations with a (do I dare say "The"?) Queen City Stylist.

I hope you will join me in the fascination and fun as I share fashion tips, stylish advice and more from my Q&A with Frank. In case you need a reference point for the experience we are talking about here...

Know this man?

Yep, you got it... Oscar de la Renta.

Recognize this dress?

Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta, 2010 Oscars

Well, you see, Frank had a hand in the execution of the the Oscar de la Renta fashion show this past Spring presented by the Queen City's own Mint Museum Auxiliary for "The Art of Style".  He learned a lot from his experience, and I am convinced the learning is taking him places.  Where?  Sssshhh..... we'll never tell.

Oh, and he paints... talented guy, huh?






Switching gears real quick...For those of you who love to dress your Queen City Kiddies in nothing but the cutest cuddliest duds, here's your opportunity to get a taste of some good 'ole Southern Shrimp and Grits.

If you were Southern born and raised, chances are you've grown up eating this dish your whole life.  If you've joined the Queen City from other parts, then you probably caught on real quick to authentic Southern cooking, and thus what to serve your relatives with they come to visit.  Yummy, yummy, yes siiiirreee!  But, I'm not talkin' 'bout the food in this case.  I'm talking about the kind of Shrimp and Grits your precious little girls and boys can get ALL dolled up in, totally Southern Style.

Please join us to view these adorable fashions for the little ones.... this Thursday, January 19, from 9:30am-12:30pm and 6-9pm at the English Room, 519 Fenton Place, Charlotte, NC 28207, located in the heart of the Eastover/Myers Park area of the Queen City.  Please contact product representative Lauren Thompson at if you have any questions, or visit the Shrimp & Grits Kids website HERE.

For the love of knowing who's stylin' some of the Queen City's most stylish, and stylin' those Southern Kiddies ever so deliciously, until Fashion Friday... Whitley