Fashion Friday - 2012 Golden Globes Review with our Queen City Stylist (and yours truly!)

Since I now have the platform (SO fun!), I feel I would be remiss if I did not share with all you fabulous people my two cents on one of this year's most star-studded, red-carpeted main events, the Golden Globe awards.  And just to make this week's edition of Fashion Friday that much more fun... Are you ready for the fun?... Oh, how much fun is this going to be?... Our very own Queen City Stylist, the one and only Franklin Headen, is going to weigh in on some of the evenings most noteworthy ensembles. It's a Whitley and Frank Face-Off.  Head to Head Folks...

And we mean business... Ggggrrrrr...

As a disclaimer, Frank has sent me his remarks, and prior to this post, I have not viewed them.  I am uploading the picture, writing my remarks, then pasting his remarks.  Since I know this guy knows his stuff, I do not want the remote opportunity to be swayed by his opinion.  We weren't able to get to every single red carpet stunner, but we tried to cover most of the big ones. So, grab your popcorn, Sour Patch Kids and Coca-Cola (Wine), and let the fun begin!  In alphabetical order... this is fair game, folks.  Let's go!

Angelina Jolie

WH: This does nothing for me.  We are only commenting on Aesthetics, correct?  If that's the case, Angie is an absolutely gorgeous girl.  Very old Hollywood beauty to me, but this dress washes out her complextion. The red pops of color do nothing for me.

FH: Atelier Versace... 2nd year wearing something from the line. Pretty dress but wasn't as amazing as it could have been. Great fabric, nice red accent. Loved the hair.

Charlize Theron

WH: Gorgeous, ethereal, great color on her.  So soft and flowy, hair to match.  I think if you had to put yourself in her shoes, this is probably NOT an easy dress to wear.  She is totally wearing it. I give her an "A".

FH:  Never disappoints. Amazing Dior couture. Obsessed with the nude blush tone on her. Love the high slit and the gathered waist at the top of the slit. Gorgeous embellishments. Her headband was definitely a 'do' and I like that she used that accessory.

Claire Danes

WH:  She looks sophisticated and channels the Old Hollywood look I love so much, with the hair and make up.  Great poise.  That is a unique dress, and I think you would have to have a totally rockin' body to pull it off so well, which she does. I like how the design of the dress trims the appearance of the waistline even more.

FH:  Stunning, classic design. Loved the black and white. Fit her body well. Nice color blocking. The paillettes on the back were gorgeous. I loved the open back too. Its surprising from the sleek looking front. 

Elle Macpherson

WH:  Wow! Is that a Mermaid??  Seriously.  The dress, the hair, everything.  She is gorgeous.  How old is she??  I really am not crazy about the dress, but I think she looks radiant.  Love the stack of bangles on her wrist.

FH:  I was floored. The design of that dress was fabulous. She can pull anything off and that nude looked perfect on her. Of course her hair and makeup looked stunning as well.

Emma Stone

WH:  She is fierce!  Her eyes are piercing.  She can wear cutting edge clothes so well.  On an unrelated note, I think she looks best with this hair color.  Love it.  I do like the dress.. a little "casual" for me, for such a big event, but she looks hot.  I know Frank likes this designer, so I think he is going to say she is totally rockin' it (or something like that).

FH:  Lanvin is always one of my faves each season, so it was great to see it on the red carpet. I love the fabric, to start out with, and the two-tone is fabulous. I like the eagle belt too. 

Evan Rachel Wood

WH:  This is a little daring and dark.  Call me a little traditional and old fashioned... I do love "Old Hollywood" Glamour, and I would say this is definitely not that.  Again, maybe it's the colors... just a little Goth for me for this event.  All that said... given another time and place, I think this dress is insane (in a good way).  Judging on the dress alone, for me, this is a contender for #1 pick.

FH:  So you may not know this, but I am obsessed with feathers... Especially peacock. I can't tell if this is actually peacock or not, but the colors of this plumage is wonderful all over!!! This piece definitely falls into the art category as well as fashion. I love the plunging neckline (in a perfect world she would have a bit more boobage). She looks amazing.

Guiliana Rancic

WH:  I do think the dress is really neat... I love the high collar.  Is it formal enough for the Red Carpet?  I feel like there is perhaps a little too much make up there.

FH:  the black gown overpowered her. The nude gown did the same and the neck was weird. She is so thin and has a great body. I would have liked to see her in a bright color showing more skin.

Heidi Klum

WH:  Do like the bedazzled collar on this dress, but overall, I am not blown away by this look.  I think it is definitely too casual for the event.  Gorgeous girl.

FH:   Great color. Loved the neckline/turquoise necklace. 

WH:  She looks fabulously regal!  Love the color of the dress, love the diamond-esque encrusted belt (or who knows.. they are probably real!), love that flowery, fluid fabric.  She looks like a million bucks.

WH:  I feel like she was the favorite of the night for many.  I am not totally blown out of the water.  This is not to say I don't think she looks dynamite.  She does... After all, she is very pretty.. And just had a second baby?!  The dress is gorgeous, hair, jewelry.  Okay.. there's really not anything missing.  "A+".

FH:  Amazing color on her. Great embellishments. Really looked like something she would wear.

Jessica Chastain

WH: I am not crazy about any of this, and I realize this is a review about the the look and not the acting, but can I just say Jessica Chastain played my favorite character in the book, The Help, and I think she (and perhaps her side-kick, Minny) played her character the best in the movie.  Love her!  She is SO pretty.

FH:  I love Givenchy but that piece was not for her. Made her look sickly pale and something made her torso look a bit disproportionate 

Jodie Foster

WH:  I did not actually watch the Golded Globes, so I don't know how much camera time Jodie Foster got. I don't think she was the center of attention, but I included her here, because I think she just looks so fresh and pretty and happy. It is great to see her again!

FH:  Great design and embellishments. Wasn't crazy about the color, but it was pretty.

Julie Bowen

WH:  Okay, so for me, THIS is the look of a red carpet.  Love the dress, love her poise, love her hair, make up, coloring, clutch.  The only thing missing perhaps, for me, was a little jewelry.  Perhaps a diamond cuff.  Everything is flawless. This might be my overall top pick.

FH:  Fabulous dress! The encrusted sleeves are beautiful! 

The Fabric falls wonderfully on her body, and I like how the one piece of horizontal fabric breaks her up and cinches her waist. Although the gown was beautiful, it was not for her. The color is so off, and that type of nude doesn't work for Julie. 

Kate Beckinsale

WH:  The dress is just okay for me.  I'm not crazy about the way the tops of the dress are pointy... it is like windshield wipers to me, or kinda makes me think of the motorcycle corset in George Michael's Too Funky video. (Next year's Halloween costume perhaps?.. I'm sure my mother would love that ;).  Anyway, she's a bombshell.  Gorgeous.

FH:  Stunning. I loved the cut at the bust (squared off). Embellishments were fantastically placed. The color was a nude purple blush that I haven't seen in a while, but it was fabulous. The back of the dress was fabulous and the little slits where it opens to the lighter fabric was pretty too.

Kate Winslet

WH:  This looks like something she would wear.  It is not my absolute favorite of the night. However, I think she has a consistent, very sophisticated look, and she looks increasingly regal to me.  She seems very classy.

FH:  Bodice was nice, but the white totally cut her up and made her bottom portion look bigger.

Kelly Osbourne

WH: I can't say I'm a fan of this girl or really know why she is "famous"  (kinda like the Kardashian crew.. am I spelling that correct?), other than for her father.  I feel like I have only seen negative reviews of her in this look.  However, I think she looks quite nice.  Not a fan of the purple hair, but again, considering her more previous looks, I think she is heading in the right direction in terms of cleaning up her look.

FH:  I love Zac Posen and even that dress, but shes's a mess. Horrible hair. The dress didn't really suit her. I can't get the idea of Kelly osbourne (the former tacky punk rock chick) as a style expert.

Lea Michele

WH: Gosh, I really don't know what to say about this.  Perhaps a little inappropriate?  I feel it is too sexy for what I feel like is supposed to be a historical and sophisticated evening.  Kudos for confidence, however.

FH:  Turning into a Marchesa-whore. Didn't fit her personality. It wasn't even a pretty dress on her skin. I can see either Amber rose (ew) or Angelina (yes please) wearing that.

WH:  Is she in a movie this year?  I think she looks absolutely gorgeous.  One of my top pics for the night indeed. This color is fabulous.  I am just seeing the back of the train and am not sure I am loving it, but everything else is totally dynamite and regal (like the color!). She has lovely posture. "A".


WH:  My girl from day one, though I've never been a huge fan of any of her clothing choices, including this one.  Not good.  Still gets the award for most insanely toned arms, however.

FH:  So ugly.  It looked horrible! She looked like a man.

Michelle Williams

WH:  The dress is growing on me, but I still give it just a "C+".  I think the fit is lovely on her, but not quite exciting enough for me.  Also, the headband?  This isn't the first day of kindergarten.  I do think she ranks near the top for most poised, however.

FH:  Fabulous. It was a super cute gown for a super cute, yet sophisticated girl. Great fabric print too.

Nichole Richie

WH:  She is one of my favs for street style.  I love boho.  She rocks boho impeccably. I am not, however, crazy about this look.  I do love the jewels on her wrist, but it stops there for me.  I almost feel like that is a high school prom dress.

FH:  Loved her hair and the neckline of her dress. I didn't really like the diamond pattern but the silver color as a whole worked for her.

Nicole Kidman

WH:  Hhhhmmm.  I am torn on this.  Not my favorite.  I do love the design on the dress, and I love the "tough metals" look, but for some reason I am thinking of the Bedazzler.  I've seen her look much "wowier".

FH:  Absolutely horrible! She could not pull that off. It's totally not her style, and the color was so off. Her boobs and waist looked strangled.

Reese Witherspoon

WH:  One of my favorite leading ladies.  I feel like many say she was "The Pick" of the night.  However, I am not blown away by this.  I think the hair is way to informal.  That is my hair when I wake up in the morning.  The dress is lovely, don't get me wrong, and I love her taste.  I just think she in the past has brought her "A" Game a little more than she did here.

FH:  Definitely had some boobage going on. Great color and design though!

Salma Hayek

WH:  HHHMMMM... Possible tie for first place.  She is a little busty in this, but sizzling.  The Dress: Insane. Hair: Sexpot. Earrings: Fabulous. Make-Up: Stunning. Overall:  Ball Out of the Park Hot.

FH: Horrible. Cheap female gladiator. Didn't like the pleats. Weird metal embroidery pattern. Her boobs are way to big to go strapless.

Sofia Vergara

WH: All woman.  She seems to have such great self-confidence, but she does not seem overly-confident or unapproachable.  I think everything she is wearing is perfect for who she is.

FH: Loved the mermaid on her. Great color too. Didn't like the hair and makeup though. I love her waves!!

Stacy Keibler

WH:  This dress is lovely, and so is she, but did she go so "simple" for fear of upstaging the hunkiest man in Hollywood?  It isn't really possible, so maybe she went so simple BECAUSE the hunkiest man in Hollywood was her accessory.  Sophisticated, just not quite enough pizzazz for me.

FH:  Wayyyy too simple. She looked good in red and the bow was cute but she could have stepped up her game.

Viola Davis

WH:  She looks like somebody I want to meet.  Such a happy, nice face.  The color of the dress is lovely, very Grecian Goddess to me.  Her hair and make up look great, not to mention she looks super in shape.

FH:  I liked the high slit on her, and the color really complimented her skin tone.

And last, but certainly not least...

Zooey Deschanel

WH:  This dress reminds me a little of an Atari?!   But still, I do love the dress.  So unique.  I love her adorable personality, and she looks great.  A top pic for me, for overall look.

FH: Loved the subtle color blocking, and the embellishments on the body were so pretty.

So, you tell me.. Whose look did you love most at this year's Golden Globes?  Did we leave off your favorite? Tell us.  We want to hear!  And, do you dare say... is there anyone's look... hhhmmm, not so much??

I'll reveal to you my pick and Frank's on Stylin' Sunday.  Until then...

For the love of fabulous Hollywood fashion, here's to a wonderful weekend!  Whitley