Fashion Friday PTO

Whew!  I am totally wiped out at the end of this week.  Do any of you ever feel like your days turn into nights and the next thing you know another day has passed before your very eyes in such a whirl-wind fashion that you've seemed to be propelled into light speed orbit up to the galaxy for just a flash and flutter, then it's a full speed fall back down to earth, launching you flat on your back--if you are lucky--in your bed, but sometimes no further than your kitchen floor because let's face it, scrubbing mud from the grout between the tile on your hands and knees while listening to the pleasant shrills of three-year-old end-of-the-world- nearing screams over a juice box can often times be SO much fun that you can't fathom pulling yourself away from it for the notion of crawling your way toward your snuggly wuggly pillow and mattress at an hour that would leave college fratties feeling like they made it just in time for an ABC after school special?  Do you know that feeling?

Well, it is Friday, and the sun will come out tomorrow!

Can't keep this good woman down for too long, but she IS going to grant herself a little Personal Time Out, and in place of your usual Fashion Friday wardrobe styling, I share with you images of Fashionable Duds I deem Oh-So-Fabulous.  I hope you enjoy!

Chanel Byzantine Look PreFall 2011

Alll Red and Fabulous in Diane von Furstenberg 

Vintage Valentino. What I would do to wear either of these.

Are any of you already longing warmer temps?

With a suit like this, how can you not?

Sexy, Fabulous Casual via here.

Gaaaa... Missoni!

How am I doing?

One day this WILL be me.

... And why not?  My Grandmother did it. She is first on left with some of her most stylish gal pals.

In the meantime, I'll strive for this level of fabulous.

Don't you love this totally achievable daytime look?

Does Nude and Rust look any better than this?

And, of course, if you love sequins like I do...

It is my hope that this will leave you longing for the next Fashion Friday!

For those of you equally obsessed Pinterest-loving fiends, see more of what I'm drooling over during grout-scrubbing breaks.  Just click on the below link...

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For the love of fabulous fashion; I hope you have a weekend full of marvelous fun and excitement, or if your pleasure, like me, is one filled with some good old fashioned R&R... For you, I wish nothing more.  xx Whitley