Nothing but gorgeous when you GLO and BLo!

There are two totally stylin' hot spots in town I want to tell you about today, assuming you aren't already in the know.  Chances are, you are.  And if not, well, behold. Both will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

The first is gorgeous GLO, Charlotte's Premier Custom Spray Tanning Boutique, located at 1518 E. 3rd St, nestled in a corner pocket of the Myers Park/Cherry/Elizabeth neighborhoods of the Queen City.  gorgeous GLO offers an all natural sunless tan that will leave you looking, well, downright deliciously edible.  I've visited gorgeous GLO a couple of times prior to a night out on the town, and let me tell you...  Getting on your GLO prior to will instantly vamp up your night from lovely to Va Va Va Voom!

Enter to get on your gorgeous GLO.

How this works... All you need is about 20 minutes.  You'll undress in a private room, then you'll be perfectly, seamlessly GLOed (by hand) by one of gorgeous GLO's master-GLOers.  Then, just a little time in the "fan" room ensures your gorgeous GLO has had the opportunity to permeate your skin like sunshine on the horizon.

It's kinda like going for a pedicure, except all over your body, so I do suggest wearing your scrubs.  In case you forget your flip-flops they have these handy little stick-on shoes that adhere to the bottoms of your feet, as well as disposable undies and even a hair elastic.  You can choose to be sprayed with your undergarments on or.... hhhhmmmm... OFF!  Oooh-LA-LA-LA.

Next up for my big night out, I hopped on over to the new BLo ouT next door.  And when I say next door, I mean open the door from my GLO, sit down in the chair, and get my BLo.  Tre convenient!

gorgeous GLO owner, Anne Pipkin, had been a long time customer of gorgeous GLO, then one day she decided to buy the place.  As if that wasn't enough to keep an already busy woman busy enough, before you could say "get your GLO on", she was opening the next hottest thing in the Queen City... A blo-out bar!  At BLo ouT, it's pretty straight-forward. No Cuts. No Color. Just Style.  I got just that.

In case you're not exactly sure what you're seeking, they have a menu of styles from which to choose.

Here I am getting my BLo ouT.  We decided somewhere between the 'Myers Park' and the 'Dilworth'.

What do you think?  Sunshine on the horizon?

Just in case you noticed the GLO in the below previous post, now you know why!

I absolutely loved my gorgeous GLO and my BLo ouT.  My GLO lasted for a full week (and lingered a little bit longer)... totally Au Naturel.  And dahhling, I felt like a million bucks.

Walk-in's are welcome, based on availability, and of course the gals of GLO and BLo will gladly make an appointment for you.  Pricing for gorgeous GLO, click HERE and for BLo OuT, click HERE. Mention this story for $5 off either service!  

You will L.O.V.E the gorgeous you even more gorgeous!

For the love of stepping out, million dollar style... Whitley