Stylin' Sunday - Black and White

Hi everyone!  I hope you enjoyed my mad rush black and white ensemble earlier this week.  This fast job was a lot of fun!  So, here's how it all came together...

I spanned my closet for black and white elements. I saw a few of the other interpretations HERE and the first thing in my head was "it has to be unique".  This means no black pants, no white shirts.  Not that I don't love classic, timeless staples, this just has to be different.  This had me springing for the front hall closet to inspect my wardrobe overflow, mostly summer pieces but also some non-everyday dress-up garments.  I found a white skirt suit I wore to my first son's Baptism... pretty, but not "the one".  Then, I spotted this dress which belonged to my Grandmother...



I've always loved this dress.  I wore it has as my "bridal trousseau" the evening of our wedding.

Since this dress is vintage, I'm thinking I won't be able to find an exact replica for you, but here are some unique flowy fabulous options that I do love.  Click on the link below the image to shop the look.

I love how flowy and soft these next two are...

Day Dresses at Asos at ShopStyle
Day Dresses by Halston at ShopStyle

Totally unique, strong and sexy all in one...

Day Dresses by Kimberly Ovitz at ShopStyle

This is a Target steal at $27.99.  In the below image it looks plain and simple, yes, but visit the website to see the dress on a model which will give you a much better visual aid.  The dress is fabulous and SO versatile!

Dresses by Mossimo at ShopStyle

Another excellent price...

Dresses by Three Dots at ShopStyle

Styling of the dress came to me immediately.  Black opaque tights, black pumps, black trench, Channey love, vintage bracelet belonging to my Great-Grandmother.

Here are the pieces coming together...

Black Trench from Banana Republic.  The construction of this coat is PERFECT.  Several years ago my mother and I were shopping over at South Park and spotted this.  She generously gifted it to me for Christmas later that year, and it has become my all around classic, go-with-anything dress coat.

Black Cole Haan Pumps from Recycle Boutique over at my home away from home, Park Road Shopping Center.

Truth be told, these shoes are a half size too big, but I could not say no.  They are the kind with the Nike Air stuff in them, which means uber comfy and that much more stylish at a nice price.  If you haven't been to Recycle Boutique, they have fabulous finds for not only your wardrobe but also for your home.

My Channey Love.  Read about her HERE...

Favorite Vintage Bracelet that I wear all the time...

Then, searching.....hmmm... for something different.  Something chic.  A look I have been wanting to style for a long time.  So long I haven't sported it since riding passenger in my Dad's former beloved 1979 Silver Volkswagon Bug Convertible, "The Volks".

Oh, those were the days.  Riding top down passenger, or perhaps in the far back, perched on top of the roof folded down. And always styling a red handkerchief around my head.  Dad kept a blue and red one in the side pocket of the door, so his passenger's hair would only faintly, ever so stylishly, be blowing in the wind. Here is my modern day attempt.  Regardless of the outcome, unmistakably, I felt totally chic.

As you can see, I reached for my classic Burberry scarf, certainly a favorite.  Next, for an instant pop of color, I grabbed this bright red sash which belonged to my Grandmother, which I wear quite often.  It's sort of a signature staple for me... something to amp up the look of a garment that would otherwise be, simply off the rack.

I like to cinch it around my waist as a sash...

Where else than Summerall Chapel at The Citadel for a lovely spring wedding?

I have wrapped it around my hair like a wide head band/scarf, and often times I just tie it on something for the extra pop of color.

Scarves are so multi-functional and fun.

Lastly, for the jewelry, I knew I wanted more prominent earrings.  I love the look of large hoops, which Jennifer Lopez so stylishly often times sports with her head scarves.

My large gold hoops are very thin, and since the dress is so simple and without a pattern, I wanted something that would be a little more eye-catching.  I love these black and gold statement-makers from the Queen City's own super savvy consignment boutique, J.T. Posh.  While more prominently known for their fabulous consigned couture, did you know J.T. Posh also carries a wide selection of knew VERY affordable jewels and accessories?  I think I scored these dazzling darlings for $18.

Since I'm all dressed up really with nowhere to go, I might as well make myself a cocktail and enjoy the moment.

For the love of wardrobe styling in classic black and white, xx-Whitley