Stylin' Sunday - Jumpsuit, Romper, Playsuit... Funsuit!

Hello lovely friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I don't know where it went, but it sure went fast.  We tackled our basement (for the 400th time), trying to get the space organized so that I may have a more soothing, clutter-free work space to bring y'all the most stylin' of the stylish!  I made two inspiration boards to help me with getting all my thoughts, projects, ideas and excitement in some sort of order. I'll share them with you in a future post, but in the meantime I just gotta show you all these totally hot Funsuits that I found for you.  As I say in the aforementioned post title... Jumpsuit, Romper, Playsuit... whatever you want to call them, they are all SO fun, so I'm calling it a Funsuit!

Perhaps my all time fav is this Gucci Jumpsuit worn by Olivia Wilde in the below picture.  It's hard for me to articulate in a short 'n sweet fashion why I love it so, so I'll just be so bold as to say it might be my most favorite.

Nicole Richie always speaks to my Boho side, and she flawlessly nails looking hot in this little romper.  Almost always I would vote against heels with a short jumper, because you have to be careful to not look like you are dressing younger than your age.  A great pair of gams, however, will often afford you on their own, this fun and flattering opportunity.  For Nicole Richie's Funsuit, perhaps it is the sleeves.  She's definitely got the gams.  Whatever it is, I vote she looks totally sophisticated and chic in this shorty.

Next is Gwen Stefani with her hubby, Gavin Rossdale, wearing a black sequin jumpsuit by Stella McCartney. She looks chic, powerful, adorable, cute.... cute, cute, cute!

And here's our very own Prince in his very own Gold Sequin Jumpsuit.  All I can say is rock on which ya bad self, Prince!

Now onto the fun part... Funsuits for your very own closet!  Once again, our on-line retailer friends at ASOS were tearing it up with some fabulous options.  I tried to diversify my referrals, but ASOS reigned King of the Funsuit.  Click on the links below the images to shop the look.  I can't wait to hear which ones end up in your shopping cart!

Here's mine again by French Connection, which by the way is now on sale at 50% off on their website...

French Connection Lucinda Sequin Playsuit

 I'll start with the shimmery numbers...

Jet Jumpsuit by Motel on TopShop

And a few more casual looks I love...

A Gallop of Style Romper on ModCloth

Oh, I'd very much LOVE to have these next two...

Oasis Star Jumpsuit

I am loving hearing from so many of you!  Please leave your comments here on the Blog, so others may also see which ones you love!

For the love of Stylin' in your Playsuit and Playin' in your Stylesuit, play on and make tomorrow your very best Monday yet!...  xx-Whitley