The Artist Avett

If you are a lover of all things home grown, in this case music, and you are a person who considers themselves to be at least somewhat established in the Queen City, then it is more likely than not you've heard of the Concord based band, The Avett Brothers.  This trio consisting of brothers, Scott and Seth Avett, and honorary brother, Bob Crawford, has gained rapid national attention on the Americana music scene in recent years.  

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Growing up in Asheville and attending college in Chapel Hill, my formative years were spent surrounded by  musical talent of similar magnitude.  In my household, instead of television in the background, music (and the high pitched shrills of little people) plays throughout the house via built in ceiling speakers.  We love music.  I know the Avett Brothers, but I don't know enough about them to write confidently without some research.  Chances are, some of you reading this are just like me.  On the other hand, some of you reading may know way more than I do about the Avett Brothers, but did you know that brother Scott Avett is also a fine artist?

Today I had the privilege of viewing some of Scott's art work which is currently on display to benefit The Educational Center here in the Queen City. The display will continue tomorrow, Saturday, February 25, 10:00-4:00, for a one day public exhibition at Morrison Place in the South Park area. Included in the display is a series of six large portrait paintings.  Impressive in scale and creation, the paintings are nearly nine feet tall.  

Some of the art work included has already sold, but as of my visit today, a few remained available for purchase.

For more information on the event, including directions, sponsors and a list of those involved in the creation of this event, visit HERE

For more on Scott Avett, visit his website HERE.

For the love of style, exploration and interpretation through art, I wish you a most joyful weekend- Whitley