Fashion Friday - Vintage 80's Metallic Sequin Top

I recently decided to wear my absolute most favorite piece of clothing as a child that belonged to my Grandmother; this fabulous vintage metallic sequin top...

Could you not just DIE?  A little dramatic, I realize, but that's how I feel about this top.  I am calling it an 80's vintage top, because it was in the 80's that I would go to visit my Grandmother and drool over it, and it looks very 80's, no?

Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times I put this shirt on and sashayed myself across my grandparent's house like I owned the place.  I put my best super model strut on display down the hall like it was my catwalk.  I couldn't get enough of it, and I wore it with an exuberance that matched only that of Elizabeth Taylor dripping in emeralds, diamonds and rubies from all seven husbands; eight if you count both marriages to Richard Burton.

Really, I have probably put this top on at least twice a year, ever year since I was five years old.  At times I've done so with absolutely no intentions of going anywhere, just playing dress up...until one night before Christmas I finally wore it out for the very first time.

For some reason, while I have what I consider to be somewhat of a dynamic and liberal taste for fashion, I've always been on the conservative side in my follow through.  I'm immediately drawn to articles of clothing that are outstandingly unique or irresistibly eye-catching, yet I can't always seem to wear them out the door.  There are so many times I've thought I would wear a certain something... if only I lived in New York City.  And then when I visit the city, it seems any inhibitions magically fly out the door while confidence gently rolls in with an effervescent glow.

WHAT is it??  Well, no more.  There is no point in having fabulous fashions if you don't wear them.  So, look out Queen City, there's a new pep in town!  I think as a child I would have expected to wear the top with a black skirt or black pants, but when it came to styling it to current fashion, I reached for a pair of black and olive mini houndstooth check shorts by Gap, diamond patterned tights and my circa 2002 J.Crew tall black stiletto boots.

For the jewels, I went with my favorite vintage bracelet, you've seen before, that belonged to my Great-Grandmother.  The ring is a special piece to me.  In the center is a black pearl my husband and I picked out while on our honeymoon in Tahiti.  He had it constructed for me in its current setting as a birthday gift/present when my second son was born.

The Mod Glam earrings are by JewelMint.  These are SO fun, and they are clip-on's.  Who knew?!

Click HERE to view Mod Glam earrings at the JewelMint shop on Facebook.

Finally, for a layer of warmth I opted for a pop of color on the way out the door instead of sticking with safe basic black.  This coat is not vintage, but I think the styling of it is very much so. I purchased it at Banana Republic probably eight years ago.  I saw it and fell head over heels for the bright green color, classic cut and styling.

I was a little nervous stepping out of the house with so much pizazz in my ensemble, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it... wink. I mean, if I'm going to have a STYLE blog, I should dress the part, right?  How stylish do you think the Queen City is?  We may not be THE city... New York City, but we've totally got style.

I would love to see your most stylish ensemble, or just one that you love.  Please email, and yours might appear front and center for an upcoming Fashion Friday.

For the love of sizzlin' 80's high style, xx-Whitley