Fashion Friday - Vintage Blouse and some Favorite Extras

Happy Fashion Friday my most stylish friends!  The Daffodils in our yard have been pushing their way up from the earth for the last couple of weeks, and our yard has witnessed the first hint of Spring color with little yellow tips perking from their cocoons.  I'm a wee bit nervous this may just be a Spring Tease for us, though all is well... It is such a lovely sight to see!

Today's Fashion Friday is built around this shirt.

Each time I write a post focused on an item that belonged to my Grandmother or Great-Grandmother, I catch myself saying, "This is my most favorite piece!"  Aaaahh... Soo hard to pick just one!  I do love, love, love this shirt, however.  It has graced my closet for at least the last 15 years.  It is soft like butter on the skin and possesses a lovely sense of fluidity.  I love the shirred neckline...

... as well as the little tie on the waist.  It is very Halston or Bianca Jagger-esque to me.  No?

I enjoy dressing this shirt up or down.  On this particular occasion, I paired the blouse with--can you believe this?-- my very first pair EVER skinny jeans!   I mean, here I am with a style blog, almost 35 years old, and it is only now that I own a pair of these jeans.  And oh boy, have I gotten my return on investment in the last two months I've owned them.  I love boots, and I wear them all winter long.  All I can say to myself is it a crying shame I've been hiding them UNDER my pants all these years!  I picked these up at one of my favs for basics, Gap.  I had to photo document the big moment...

Paired with my Circa 2002 J. Crew Stiletto brown boots, I think the shirt spoke perfectly to my most often preferred casual-night-out Bohemian vibe.

For ear bobs, I am wearing one of my MOST favorite pairs of all time, the Fool's Gold Loop Earrings by Luv Aj.  I discovered the line via uber-chic fashion blog Who What Wear.  Can you believe that Luv Aj designer, Amanda Thomas, is only 23 years old?  Holy Talentedness.

Pretty freaking fabulous, huh?  

Topping off the night's ensemble with my camel cord jacket...

It's casual, yet put together comfort, such as this that makes me want to hold onto cooler temps just a little bit longer.  You?

For the love of relaxed and easy style, here's to a wonderful weekend!  Whitley