Stylin' Sunday - Slithery, Sequiny, Glittery Tops

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  As a follow up to this week's Fashion Friday, I share with you a plethora of fabulous Flashy, Slithery, Glittery, Sequiny Tops.  Below is my Grandmother's, which I drooled over as a child, and I still can't get enough of today.

I hit South Park area boutiques and South Park Mall in search of the most fabulous sequin tops out there. Given my timing was just before Christmas, shoppers were already scampering like sardines about the mall in no organized fashion, ravenously hunting for their New Year's Eve ensemble.  Unfortunately, this meant not much Glitterati-worthy inventory remaining.  I did manage to find this one fabulous bit of fancy at my favorite stand by, Belk.

I mean, do y'all SEE how hard I'm working?  (Make shift) Model, photographer, personal shopper... Whew!  I recall thinking right about that time, "I NEEED a grilled cheese sandwich!"  Arthur's...Snap, Snap. Please!

It was the last one there, and I'm guessing it's gone by now, but here is the tag with merchandise info. and price...$245.  Not inexpensive.  The weight of the shirt was very nice.  It felt like a quality garment.

But, I did find it, ON SALE no less, at a much lower price.

Vince Camuto Sequin Wedge Blouse

Shortsleeve Tops by Vince Camuto at ShopStyle

In addition to this striped sequin number...

Vince Camuto Sequined Stripe Top

Shortsleeve Tops by Vince Camuto at ShopStyle

Oh, how fun is this?

ASOS REVIVE All-Over Sequin T-Shirt

Quite similar to mine, the key to making an eye-catching impact is by going all out; as bright and flashy as possible.  This is so hot.

Naven Sequin Tee by Revolve Clothing

Tees by Naven at ShopStyle

Rachel Zoe Sequin Top

Longsleeve Tops by Rachel Zoe at ShopStyle

Vince Pure Gold Sequin Tee

Tops by Vince at ShopStyle

Serious fun...

Foley + Corinna Pailette-Embellished Chiffon Blouse

Longsleeve Tops by Foley + Corinna at ShopStyle

Only sneak a peek at this one if you've got seriously deep pockets.  Luv-ely....

Lanvin Sequined Top

Sleeveless Tops by Lanvin at ShopStyle

The most penny-saving of the bunch... Leave it to Forever 21 to be affordable and cute, and this one's actually quite wearable, even if you're not still 21.

Forever 21 Sequin Crop Top

Shortsleeve Tops by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I save the best for last.  Have y'all seen the Jennifer Lopez Collection at Kohl's?  The pieces are hit or miss, but I have to say the hits are out of the park.  This sequin number takes the cake for Best All Around, currently ON SALE for $33.60.  Do NOT miss out.

Jennifer Lopez Sequin Crop Top at Kohl's.

Click below to shop the look, in Gold or Silver...


Spring is nearing, but there's still a little time remaining to get your glitter on.  Fun never goes out of style.

For the love of fabulous Glitter and Glam, I hope your week is all shine and love, xx-Whitley