Lip Service, No More

Have you been getting lip service recently from your boss? Or maybe from your so called "friends?" Hopefully not you.  Oh no, if so, but the waiting to exhale is here.

If it is sweet and sincere you are seeking, whether by way of your besties or from the source directly--the stylish threads that adorn you--then look no further. There's a nice new gal in town. The genuine and deservingly popular one with whom everyone wants to be friends.

Adorable, honest and true...

And she's telling it to you straight. 

Located at the Metropolitan in Midtown, Lipp Boutique carries an array of fashion-forward yet totally wearable brands. Stylish gals of the Queen City look to new threads in town with the hope that they will be able to hold their own against an already well-established collection in their closet, one location real estate never drops in value. 

You'll get no lip service here...

Just fun,





actually rather quite affordable, 

desirable and 

totally wearable 

threads, shoes, accessories and more, delivered to you straight at Lipp Boutique.

Have a look-see for yourself...

If you visit the Queen City Style regularly, my love of color likely comes of no surprise. And so, as you can imagine, all I really wanted to do was be instant BFF's with the new gal. She seems to have it all.  Another look...

Perhaps my favorite, an entire rainbow of color!

Low and behold, in the mailbox last week, arrived the March issue of my Style Bible, In Style magazine. If it's not the same dress, it's her twin sister. Naturally, they are both so darn cute.

Don't you want to be best friends?

See here sister HERE in In Style. The whip cream and cherry on top... Fun accessories galore!

And so it goes, I save the very best for last. The gal not only possesses all those mushy, wonderful aforementioned qualities. She's FUN!! She's throwing a party THIS Saturday night, and we're invited! Fabulous fashions, delicious foodies, tasty bevvies, pretty-people all around and more. I'm telling you. You've just got to meet this sweet new gal in town.

RSVP by Wednesday, March 7...

 For the love of fun new fashions, always in great style... I hope to see you there! xo-Whitley