Real Girl, Fabulous Fashion

Happy Fashion Friday, my most stylish friends! I'm taking the week off from posing and passing the baton. For some time now I have been longing to visit summerbird, a high end consignment boutique located on East Blvd. in the Dilworth neighborhood of the Queen City. You may be more familiar with the name Monarch, which the store was previously called until the switch to summerbird, in order to avoid confusion with another local business.

I'll just go ahead and throw it in that if you mention this post, you will be given 20% off your purchase at summerbird. Wow.  Absolutely as fabulous as the store itself.

It's no secret I've been living under a rock for the last year, as I say, since giving birth to baby boy number two and taking a break from work. Of course, summerbird has been around for more than a year, so I guess I really have no excuse. It's no secret, my passion for vintage and rare fashion finds. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally came into the light and visited this glorious space absolutely filled to the brim with high end designer duds unique to the Queen City.

Isabel Marant

Reason number two for my school girl giddiness? The gorgeous gal you see below, Ashley Kirby. It is my intent to write about, as the bi-line of this blog states, all things stylish in the Queen City. Being the girl I refer to as the Most Stylish Mommy in the Queen City, Ashley embodies the bi-line. In addition to nice and beautiful, the girl's got wit. With the moniker Highchairs and High Heels, Ashley writes as a featured columnist for Modern Parent.

Check out her honest yet humorous advice on surviving parenthood.

Ashley is wearing Jeremy Laing here. Ashley and her son, Branner, recently joined me and my boys for a play date on the farm. Wearing black skinny jeans tucked into tall Wellington boots topped off with a cozy plaid button down and puffer vest, Ashley arrived appropriately and absolutely adorable. Oh, and let's not forget the accessories. With an always upbeat and sunny outlook on life, though cloudy and drizzly the day may be, only the chicest pair Ray-Ban's will do for this mom of substantial style.

Jeremy Laing

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti

I'm not sure who was more excited, me or Ashley, about the opportunity to play dress up for an hour in what we both consider to be the world's tastiest and most colorful candy store. Would you look at this bodice layered with a rainbow of scarves? Most fabulous accessory of all time. Wear it in your hair, around your waist, around your neck, tie it onto a bag for extra flare. No piece is as multi-functional as the scarf.


Oscar de la Renta


Tops, Blouses, Jackets galore...

Jeans, Bags and Shoes for you!

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Orange bangle with charm: Karl Lagerfeld

Barbara Tfank

Nude wedges by Chloe

Black Pumps by Alexandra Neel

A new shipment of pristine Hermes scarves arrived just last week.

Oh me.

Oh my.

Now you know I couldn't just sit back and watch and not participate in all the dress up fun! Yes, I realize these sunglasses are too big for my tiny face, and they make me look like a bug, BUT I am freaking dying over this dress...

Dress: Matthew Williamson

Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Bracelets: Various (there's a whole bowl full of 'em!)

I think this dress is more well suited for Ashley with her long dark locks and tan complexion. Look at those ruffle sleeves and that electric color. Gorgeous.

I could scroll through these images all day long. The beautiful space and all of the color at summerbird is so refreshing. Oh, and the clothes?  Well, you know. If you don't, go see for yourself. summerbird.

For the love of the oh so fab fashions at a most stylish price, Whitley